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DAHDachau (German license plate)
DAHDestroy All Humans! (game)
DAHDiffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage
DAHDepartment of Archives and History
DAHDar Al Hekma College (Saudia Arabia)
DAHDesignated Airspace Handbook (Canada)
DAHDays After Harvest
DAHAir Algerie, Algeria (ICAO code)
DAHDictionary of American History
DAHDisordered Action of the Heart
DAHDictionary of American Hymnology
DAHDivision of Administrative Hearings
DAHDilute Acid Hydrolysis
DAHDefense Agency Head
DAHDissanayake-Allnutt-Haidara Model
DAHDirect Acting Hydraulic (tappet)
DAHDivision Aménagement et Habitat (French: Planning and Habitat Division)
DAHDrôme Aménagement Habitat (French: Drome Habitat Development; Drome, France)
DAHDays after Hatching (biology)
DAHDélégation à l'Action Humanitaire (French: Delegation for Humanitarian Action)
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The whole point of ICMS is to standardise the reporting, so clients can see, for each type of construction, what the cost would be," Al Dah explained.
In the 2nd ratoon, in the first evaluation (107 DAH), there were no differences in stalk height between the cultivars and, at 220 DAH, the height of the cultivar IACSP95-5000 stood out from the others.
Dah Sing Life Assurance Company Limited ("Dah Sing Life") is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dah Sing Financial Holdings Limited (DSFH).
Al Dah, who made his professional debut in March 2007, believes that his close friend Amir Khan from Britain, would have made a better opponent for Mayweather
The prosecutorial decision to charge these men under this offence appears to be arbitrary and unjustified," Colville said, adding that the OHCHR urged the Mauritian Government in December to conduct an independent investigation on the charges held against Dah Abeid and his peers, but, shockingly, it has not happened yet.
Similar findings about lipase profile were reported in carp hybrids whereas slightly increased profile followed between 4 and 26 DAH by sudden rise up until 34DAH (Chakrabarti et al.
notches below Dah Sing Bank's a3 adjusted baseline credit assessment
Earlier, residents of Dah Sabz district staged a rally against the project calling on the government to compensate them for their land.
DAH would be more effective if donors improved the co-ordination of their aid delivery in such a way as to avoid these problems.
DAH also predicts that less attractive females should increase their parental investment but we found no compensatory female behaviour," Griggio added.