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DMGDDamaged (aircraft)
DMGDDimunitive Male Genitalia Disorder
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Giving district-wise details of damaged/partially damaged educational institutions, official sources on Sunday said in Swat the number was 307 which included 54 fully damaged and 253 partially damaged while in Buner the number was 190 including 22 fully damaged and 168 partially damaged.
Insurance will help rebuild many houses of worship damaged by hurricanes Katrina and Rita--but at significant cost to individual churches.
Therefore, the disk array system composed of more hard disks needs further protection measures to ensure available data access in case two hard disks are damaged simultaneously.
Neighbors may complain that their property has been damaged as a result of the repair work or that the repair work itself is taking too long and is causing damage to retail tenants.
A damaged specimen should have a lower thermal conductivity than an undamaged or less damaged one, so for specimens with more damage the temperature should drop off more slowly after the temperature peak.
It is the first biochemistry paper showing that this protein has affinity for damaged DNA and can sense the damage directly.
From 1992 to 1995, ice, windstorms, wildfires and insect infestations damaged the trees Willamette was growing for future harvesting.
1033's involuntary-conversion provisions to defer gain on damaged property, even though Willamette processed and sold the property in the same manner as undamaged property.
When the nerves of the bladder are damaged, urinary incontinence may result because a person may not be able to sense when the bladder is full or control the muscles that release urine.
As many as 175 vehicles belonging to Department of Defense service members were destroyed or damaged in a mid-ocean ship fire June 9.