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DANCEDeployment and Configuration Engine
DANCEDeployment and Configuration Engine (computing)
DANCEDarpa Active Networks Conference and Exposition
DANCEDynamic Animation and Control Environment (physics-based character animation)
DANCEDetector for Advanced Neutron Capture Experiments
DANCEDeveloping Arteries and Neural Crest EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)-Like Protein
DANCEDatabase Access Non-Computer Engine
DANCEDurable Augmentation of NMDA-Mediated Corticostriatal Excitation (Huntington's disease research finding)
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When she wanted to dance to the right, the shoes would dance to the left, and when she wanted to dance up the room, the shoes danced back again, down the steps, into the street, and out of the city gate.
And here's Hetty has promised no end o' partners, an' I've just been askin' her if she'd agreed to dance wi' you, an' she says no.
But, however, he did not admire her at all; indeed, nobody can, you know; and he seemed quite struck with Jane as she was going down the dance.
At other times anyone could dance who paid his money and was orderly; the railroad men, the roundhouse mechanics, the delivery boys, the iceman, the farm-hands who lived near enough to ride into town after their day's work was over.
No laggard may claim Tara of Helium; but haste now lest thou lose also Olvia Marthis, whom I have never seen wait long to be claimed for this or any other dance.
Then he wanted the dance to end that he might get rid of his partner.
His first proposition and request, that the dance begun at Mr.
Said he thanked the whiting kindly, but he would not join the dance.
Then lifting up her heavy silk skirt about her, and revealing a paradise of chiffons, Sylvia swayed for a moment with her face full in the moon, and then slowly glided into the movements of a mystical dance.
That the dainty maiden should dance and weep at the same time was indeed surprising; so Dorothy asked in a soft, sympathetic voice:
They strolled about among the booths where peanuts were grinding and popcorn was roasting in preparation for the day, and went on and inspected the dance floor of the pavilion.
It was settled that the dance was to be on Friday, one week after the engagement, and at dinner Hewet declared himself satisfied.