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D/CDate Code
D/CDirect Current (electricity; also seen as DC)
D/CDischarge (from a hospital, medical care, etc)
D/CDouble Cab
D/CDownconverter (US DoD)
D/CData Code
D/CDocumentary Credit
D/CDeck Cadet (maritime)
D/CDelivery Clause
D/CDiscipleship Confirmation (religion)
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In South America, a recent application has underlined the success of tear tape for use in variable data code promotions.
It also identified the medical data code sets published annually in the Federal Register by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and nonmedical data code sets defined in ASC_X12 implementation guides for various transaction formats.
The communications data code of practice, which sets out how the safeguards governing the retention of communications data by telecommunications operators and its acquisition by public authorities will operate, is also being published today for consultation.
As of August 2000, the rules on standard transaction and data code sets were final.
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