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DBFDatabase (file name extension)
DBFDivorced Black Female (personal ads)
DBFDélégation des Barreaux de France (French: Delegation of the Bars of France; law association)
DBFDanmarks Badminton Forbund (Denmark)
DBFDigital Beam-Forming
DBFDouble Byte Font
DBFData Base Format
DBFData Base File
DBFDigital Beam Forming
DBFDestroyed by Fire
DBFDBase and FoxPro (software)
DBFDispute Board Federation
DBFDiocesan Board of Finance (UK)
DBFDesign/Build/Fly (college aircraft competition; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics)
DBFDecibel (referenced to 1 femtowatt)
DBFDivision of Bond Finance
DBFDestockage Bruce Field (French clothing company)
DBFDefined Benefit Fund (various organizations)
DBFDeep Blues Festival
DBFDedicated Biotechnology Firm
DBFDallas Bar Foundation (Dallas, TX)
DBFDiesel Boats Forever
DBFDensified Biomass Fuel
DBFDistributed Bellman-Ford (routing scheme)
DBFDenis Bassez Fermetures (French: Denis Bassez Closures)
DBFDynamic Beam Forming
DBFDear Boy Friend
DBFDesign Basis Fire(s)
DBFDibenzofulvene (chemistry)
DBFDesign Basis Fault
DBFDrude-Born-Federov (form of constitutive equations)
DBFDanish Beekeepers Federation
DBFDouglas B Foote Ltd (Mairangi Bay, Auckland, New Zealand)
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For businesses whose requirements fall outside the pre-configured solutions, Unisys has created an interactive Web-based database server sizing tool.
Much machine searching currently relies upon matching input to some aspect of the database record.
Due to the growing variety of information types that must be stored today -- such as text, images, graphics, audio, and video -- the variety of database software appropriate for information storage is also growing.
In a database, individual data items (such as a name, address and phone number) generally are stored in one place and then accessed via queries asked of the program.
The next generation of database publishing technology allows the same kind of job to be done by one person using a personal computer.
Automatic Discovery of DBMS -- Automatically locates active databases on the local subnet and assists in database connection creation.
Since it is ideal to use "realistic" test data, each test database is usually a clone of the production database, and special test cases may be added before testing begins.
The management of large centralized database systems supporting high query volumes is now a relatively well understood process.
She has seen departments attempting to create "shadow databases," pulling information from a central database so that records can be manipulated on a desktop and reports generated from it.
There were several areas in which Oracle Database 10g out-performed DB2 UDB 8.
Faculty examples of laboratory assignments in database exploration: As an alternative assessment and learning tool, the professor developed a series of assignments which replaced the regularly assigned "herb paper".
Commercial array manufacturers and custom array designers use GenBank, EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database (http://www.