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DATData (file name extension)
DATDigital Audio Tape
DATDisaster Action Team
DATDesign and Technology (various organizations)
DATDental Admissions Test
DATDative (grammar)
DATDépartement de l'Aménagement du Territoire (French: Department of Regional Planning; Luxembourg)
DATDopamine Transporter
DATDay After Tomorrow (film)
DATDanish Air Transport (est. 1989)
DATDays After Treatment (agricultural science)
DATDéclaration d'Accident du Travail (French: Work Accident Statement)
DATDementia of Alzheimer Type (diagnosis)
DATDeutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (German Automobile Trust)
DATData Analysis Tool
DATDays After Transplanting
DATDefence Against Terrorism
DATData Analysis Team
DATDisk Access Time
DATDisk Allocation Table
DATDisk Array Technology
DATData File
DATDirect Access Transport
DATDeformation and Tessellation
DATDirect Access Testing
DATData Access Tool
DATDynamic Address Translation
DATDrug Abuse Testing (various organizations)
DATDrug Action Team (UK)
DATDirect Antiglobulin Test
DATDamage Assessment Team
DATDrug and Alcohol Testing (US Military Entrance Processing Station)
DATDifferential Aptitude Test
DATDocumentation et Assistance Technique (French: Documentation and Technical Assistance)
DATDirect Access Trading
DATDelivered at Terminal
DATDesk Appearance Ticket (summons issued to violator in lieu of arrest)
DATDine About Town (San Francisco)
DATDementia of Alzheimer Type
DATDeposito Aduanero Temporal (Spanish: Temporary Customs Warehouse)
DATSpecial Patrol (O/T forms - obsolete)
DATDisability Awareness Training
DATDivision of Apprentice Training (Massachusetts)
DATDischarge Air Temperature
DATDétachement Avancé des Transmissions (French: Advanced Signals Detachment)
DATDepartment Approved Training (Iowa)
DATDisaster Assistance Team (American Red Cross)
DATDiet As Tolerated
DATDowntown Action Team
DATDirect Antiglobulin Testing
DATDarang Deng (SIL code, China)
DATDistributed Active Transformer
DATDouble Acting Tanker
DATDirect Access Technology
DATDuplicate Address Test
DATDiskaholics Anonymous Trio (band)
DATData Assurance Team
DATDatabase Advanced Training
DATDepartment of Advanced Technology
DATDirectorate of Army Training (Canadian Armed Forces)
DATDigital Archive Tape
DATData Assessment Tool
DATDistrict Action Team
DATDynamic Algorithm Transform
DATDevelopment Around Transit
DATDirectorate of Labour Inspection (Norway)
DATDisputes Automated Tracking
DATDeployment Action Team (JDA)
DATDevelopment Acceptance Test
DATDays After Term Award
DATDirection of Arrival Tracking
DATDisconnect Actuating Tool
DATDesign Assurance Testing
DATDays After Tasking
DATDevelopment Assist Test
DATDigital Analog Trunk (telecommunications)
DATDesign Acceptance/Approval Test
DATDigitool Applied Technologies
DATDemilitarization Alternative Technology
DATDumb A$$ Tanker
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Although the patterns identified here hold across the majority of lexemes, therefore, the generalization that the shape of dative singular can be invariably deduced from knowledge of the genitive singular, the translative-singular or both does not hold absolutely.
"Transformations of Verb Phrase Idioms: Passivization, Particle Movement, Dative Shift." American Speech 60: 291-308.
In the former example, the dative [thorn]am ('that') in the second clause narrows down and specifies the context in which it is used to [masculine, dative, +Sg] due to the rich information content it carries.
Similarly, Beames (2012[1875]: 257) proposed that the lexical origin of the Hindi dative marker ko is the locative declension of Sanskrit kaksa- 'armpit'.
The sample illustrates both situations when splitting of FE (Locative rows) and merging of FE (genitive and dative rows) are needed.
In English, dative alternation expresses a relationship between a goal and a theme or a recipient in two alternate ways (Cuervo, 2007): a PPC, with an indirect object headed by the preposition to in goal contexts (2a) or by the preposition for in benefactive counterparts (2b) and a DOC with two determiner phrases (DPs), with the dative recipient appearing before the theme, as illustrated in (3a) and (3b):
One of the rare verbs which govern dative complements, and which do not express positive emotions is the verb zavidjeti (to envy).
Note that in the Tsezic as well as in other Daghestanian languages typical verbs denoting perception and other psychological states such as SEE, HEAR, WANT/LIKE/LOVE, KNOW and UNDERSTAND mark the subject with the Lative or Dative and the object with the absolutive case (Comrie and van den Berg 2006; Ganenkov 2006).
In the dative, the -owi ending is losing to -u (gosciu, szefu, kraju), but the author has also found kotowi (standard Polish kotu).
The study, "Predicting Syntax: Processing Dative Constructions in American and Australian Varieties of English," to be published in the March 2010 issue of the scholarly journal Language, is authored by Joan Bresnan and Marilyn Ford.