dbGaPDatabase of Genotype and Phenotype
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The datasets used for the analyses described in this manuscript were obtained from dbGaP at http://www.
The NHGRI spokesperson who announced that agency's decision to make the dbGaP dataset private framed the problem succinctly: "How much do you tell people without scaring them?
Although previously dbGaP data was made available in two tiers, with aggregate study data provided as "open-access" to the general public and individual, de-identified study data available only as "controlled-access data" to authorized users, the NCBI removed its "open access" data in September of 2008 due to re-identification concerns, restricting all dbGaP study data to authorized researchers.
See also supra note 19 (discussing dbGaP data pullback).
dbGAP will also provide pre-computed analyses of the level of statistical association between genes and selected phenotypes.
All genotype data and related information were requested from dbGaP after registration.
The MESA data sets used for the analyses described in this article were obtained from dbGaP (http://www.
NIH launches dbGaP, a database of genome wide association studies [press release] [Internet].
This risk was acknowledged by dbGaP, prompting the NIH to update their GWAS data-access policy in 2008.
Their results are now posted on the NCBI dbGaP Web site (view.