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DWEMDead White European Males (Stephen Jay Gould)
DWEMDevised Weight-Estimation Method
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Hamlin believes that some Renaissance writers were less myopically Eurocentric than is usually allowed by those keen to denounce dead white European males. Yet, wary of appearing to condone past crimes or of seeming old-fashioned, Hamlin adopts too often and too unthinkingly the buzz words and buzz ideas of those with whom he at base disagrees.
The most pronounced obsession, of course, would seem to be with Dead White European Males, otherwise and quippingly known as the canon fodders.
Language suffers most of all, as a long line of Transcendental Victims use terms like "racist," "sexist," "homophobic," and "Eurocentric" so freely that they lose all significance, and crude pop-Stalinist phrases like "Dead White European Males" (in Hughes' acerbic formulation, "the pale patriarchal penis people") are used to browbeat a quavering academy.
The focus of the argument is on DWEMs (Dead White European Males) and whether or not they should make up the core of a curriculum.