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DLRDocklands Light Railway (London, UK)
DLRDisneyland Resort
DLRDeutschen Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (German: German Aerospace Center)
DLRDynamic Language Runtime
DLRDebout la République (French: Arise the Republic; political group)
DLRDavid Lee Roth
DLRDynamic Line Rating
DLRDeutsche Forschungsanstalt für Luft-Und Raumfahrt (German Aerospace Research Establishment)
DLRDual-Luciferase Reporter (Promega Corporation)
DLRData Location Register
DLRDestination Local Reference
DLRDirect Line Recording
DLRDynamic Location Register
DLRDelete Registry
DLRDistinctive Line Ringing
DLRDe La Rue (French: of the road; British stamp producers)
DLRDepot-Level Repairable (US DoD)
DLRDienstleistungszentrum Ländlicher Raum (Germany)
DLRDivision of Labor Relations (Massachusetts)
DLRDiscrimination Law Review (UK)
DLRDisneyland Railroad (Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland)
DLRDownwelling Longwave Radiation (climate)
DLRDriver License Record (various locations)
DLRDominion Law Reports
DLRDesign Layout Record
DLRDOS LAN Requester
DLRDaily Language Review
DLRDigital Learning Resources (Austalia)
DLRDoesn't Look Right
DLRDepartment of Land Reform
DLRDivision of Licensed Resources
DLRDepot Level Repair
DLRDynamic Link Routine
DLRDownward Longwave Radiation
DLRDirection des Langues Régionales (French: Department of Regional Languages; Mayotte)
DLRDiscount Location Rental (New Caledonia)
DLRDirectorate of Land Requirements
DLRDesignated Local Retransmitter (Cisco)
DLRDetection Limit for Purposes of Reporting (regulated drinking water)
DLRDigital Llama Radio (Star Wars fan films Internet radio)
DLRDistributeurs, Loueurs, Réparateurs (French: Distributors, Rental Companies, Repairers; est. 1965)
DLRDepartmental Library Representative (various universities)
DLRData Loader Recorder
DLRDepartment of Licensed Resources (Washington State Department of Social and Health Services)
DLRDefect Leakage Rate (Vista, Microsoft)
DLRDirectory Listing Requirement
DLRDhaka Law Report
DLRDivision Level Review
DLRDivision of Licensing and Regulations
DLRDigital Lightwave Repeater
DLRDe La Rosa & Company (Los Angeles, CA investment bankers)
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Based on dealer feedback, Mycogen and Adayana made several major updates in the VPT for the 2005-06 selling season.
Partner with dealer to hold "mall" concerts, especially during the holiday season.
The ruling holds that, similar to the proposed regulations, if an affiliated group member borrows from an unrelated party and directly loans the funds to a related dealer affiliate for the purpose of carrying on the dealer's general business, the disallowed interest expense allocation is both calculated and applied at the dealer level.
The law limited the number of times ATF could conduct a compliance audit on a gun dealer to once a year.
Smart dealers are embracing the Internet, either by hosting their own Web sites or by cooperating with online brokers who act as intermediaries between buyer and dealer.
GM was implored to address problems in its Minority Dealers Development (MDD) Program.
3347 would also require municipal securities dealer banks (dealer banks) to incur the expense and administrative burdens of moving their municipal dealer departments out of the banks into separate brokerage firms.
Under the second program, the dealer has the lessee complete a credit application, but also obtains a credit report from an external credit bureau.
LF also developed consumer and dealer directed ads based on the "It's Good to be Back" theme, created a dealer-recruitment / training binder for territory managers, compiled a comprehensive prospective dealer kit, designed displays and materials for McCormick's February appearance at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky.
She also advises on commonsense issues such as a store location's desirability and whether the dealer has enough management talent on hand to oversee a new business.