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Then, based on those two facts, I group myself with the last to debark and plan my morning.
ABSTRACT: I observed white rhinos (Ceratotherium simum) in Matobo National Park, Zimbabwe, perform a behavior previously undescribed for this species; males vigorously removed the bark from commiphora trees (Commiphora marlothii) with their horns, and then rubbed their head and rostrum on the debarked areas.
Thirty logs of 150-mm diameter at the small end were debarked under frozen wood temperatures (winter) for each cutting condition.
Figure 7 illustrates the MC reduction over time at the three locations during the drying of Group C (debarked logs with a cut).
Cutting is done with mechanical harvesters that cut the trunks into debarked 6-meter lengths.
Based on a proposal from the European Commission, agriculture ministers from the 25 EU member states agreed to postpone by one year a ban on debarked wood in order to do further scientific studies on the issue and give importers from the United States more time to prepare for the required changes.
A requirement for wood to be debarked before it can be imported into the EU has been delayed by one year following the adoption of a directive by the EU's Farm Ministers at the February 28 Farm Council.
The family debarked and the Ticos rushed us like madmen trying to win our hearts and souls for US currency.
Our First Regiment debarked from the Prince David to land on Port Cros Island.
As each of us debarked from the bus, our host offered the bread for us to tear a small piece and dip in the bowl of salt precariously balanced on the tip of the loaf.
When a team of eight Nazis debarked on Long Island from a submarine on June 13, 1942, two of them made their way straight to FBI headquarters to turn themselves in as U.S.
With the exception of one batch of slash pieces debarked in a rod mill to determine if debarking was of value in preparing slash-based OSB, the bark was left on the branch segments fed to the flaker.