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DCLRDivision of Compensation and Labor Relations (Wisconsin)
DCLRDelaware Coast Line Railroad (est. 1894)
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Fluid-structure interaction (FSI) methods, which are applied in aerodynamic decelerator system (ADS) research, have developed rapidly over the past few years.
8, the average decelerator of vehicle' s mass center with ABS control is bigger than that without ABS control, the vehicle's mass center side displacement and lateral angle without ABS control are both bigger than those with ABS control, the vehicle without ABS control sideslips obviously, the vehicle with ABS has better control braking efficiency and stability.
83" brace height, comes equipped with the new String Decelerator, a device with an air chamber that gradually stops the string to enhance accuracy.
While your dozer's still on the move, push down the decelerator pedal.
This prevents product from contacting the flexible membrane in the decelerator.
The decelerator A consists in a worm gear and two helical gears.
Concerned especially with recent research using the former Low Energy Antiproton Ring, the Antiproton Decelerator, and similar facilities, the papers are grouped into the major topics of fundamental symmetries; quark-gluon phenomena; hadron-antihadron system; atomic physics; facilities and their instrumentation; and applications of antimatter, radiation, and particle detectors.
I put the 'dozer in forward, let up on the decelerator and we lurch forward.
Blake is unquestionably a mood player, who can snap back into top gear just as quickly as he can press the decelerator button and trundle along on auto pilot.
Known as the Anti-proton Decelerator, or AD, it will make atoms of anti- hydrogen at a rate of more than 2000 an hour.
Internally developed 'bespoke' software is actually a decelerator to business," said Impartner Chief Marketing Officer Dave R Taylor.
That barrel is supplied with a muzzlebrake and the stock ends with a Pachmayr Decelerator pad for good reason