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To Icilius, and not to you, Appius, have I betrothed my daughter," he told the smirking Decemvir, "and for matrimony, not prostitution, have I brought her up.
Livy's Verginius is criticized for having killed his daughter Virginia, rather than allowing her to fall into the hands of the licentious decemvir Appius Claudius.
Then, importantly, came the Decemvirs, the "ten men," a democratically appointed group whose incarnation only lasted three years, from 451-449 B.
DECEMVIRAL means of a ruling board of 10 decemvirs, a decimvirate.
Lesser ordinary magistrates were urban quaestors, aerarii, (69) plebian aediles, curulial aediles, (70) administers, (71) leaders of the different tribes, triumvirs, quatuorvirs, quinquevirs, decemvirs, (72) and the like.