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DECIDEDutch Expertise Consortium for International Development of Education
DECIDEDecision Support Models and a DSS (Decision Support System) for European Academic and Public Libraries (Education for Change; UK)
DECIDEDecision Evaluation and Complex Information Development Environment (Louisiana State University)
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Now, suppose you tell Leslie and she decides to have the operation.
After having combined with the Executive in betraying the interests of the nation in a ruinous treaty, what prospect, it is asked, would there be of their being made to suffer the punishment they would deserve, when they were themselves to decide upon the accusation brought against them for the treachery of which they have been guilty?
The full score of men shot three times at each target, and then three times again to decide a tie.
At the bidding of the King, the herald announced that the open target was to be shot at, to decide the title of the best archer in all England; and any man there present was privileged to try for it.
How say you, if first we decide this open target and then match the five best thereat against your unknown champions?
You will do as the majority decide, or you will be `the first' without the formality of drawing lots," said Monsieur Thuran threateningly.
Spider bent, wide-eyed, toward the hand that was to decide his fate, for whatever luck was Clayton's on this last draw, the opposite would be Spider's.
Wait and see what the chances of the next eight-and-forty hours might bring forth, and then write to her, or desert her, as the event might decide.
Sotto said the committee usually gets a general counsel to facilitate the work of its members 'so that we can easily decide on the jurisdiction and what to do with it, and whether to pursue or dismiss.
According to the survey, people take much longer to decide which holiday to book than whether to buy a house, spending five days mulling over a destination typically.
Decide diabetes is a not-for-profit programme which aims to promote better understanding of diabetes and greater awareness of the condition that could lead to successful prevention and management of diabetes.