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DECIDEDutch Expertise Consortium for International Development of Education
DECIDEDecision Support Models and a DSS (Decision Support System) for European Academic and Public Libraries (Education for Change; UK)
DECIDEDecision Evaluation and Complex Information Development Environment (Louisiana State University)
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It is judges who will decide even such an inherently non-legal question as: Who can marry?
As a metaphor for society, this analogy suggests that someone in charge decides what the problem is and parcels out tasks to individuals.
Once you've decided that you want a web site, you need to decide who will create it.
The best and brightest may accept several offers (career services can't prevent this) and decide where to show up much closer to the start date.
If we just don't trust juries, then we must rethink our dependence on them to decide guilt or innocence and to sentence convicted criminals - even, in capital cases, to take their lives.
For example, if a company plans to enter new markets or countries, build another plant or launch a new product line, it might decide to do an IPO.
In this case, the Court did decide to accept jurisdiction to hear the case, but even then it recognized that the scope of permissible review was limited.
The Japanese system doesn't work that way; it's the mobile carriers that decide on prices, while callers are actually paying fixed-line carriers for the calls.
Once you decide to sell, you should pay attention to the tax consequences of your timing.
You Decide: Should schools allow student prayer at school-sponsored events?
This means juries will now get to hear cases that were previously dismissed simply by motion, and decide for themselves whether the assailant was able to attack because the property owner was negligent.
If you do decide to switch to such a system, be careful in your implementation.