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DECRDepartment for External Church Relations (Moscow, Russia)
DECR2,4-Dienoyl-COA Reductase
DECRDepartment of Environment and Coastal Resources (Turks and Caicos Islands)
DECRDaily Equipment Condition Report (UPS)
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According to the property expert, the villa sales prices registered a decrease in April 2016.
The decrease in deposits occurred in NOW/Demand accounts (a decrease of USD8.
The decrease was primarily attributable to stock buybacks under the Company's stock repurchase plan, partially offset by net income and stock-based compensation credits.
The original equipment passenger tires market is projected to decrease by more than 8%, or 4.
Under this method, taxpayers can calculate the decrease in the FMV of their personal residence by relying on reports prepared by their flood or homeowners' insurance company.
Camps in the South experienced the greatest decrease (greater than 10 percent) in return campers.
2 mg/kg per day for 4 weeks--doses that certainly would inhibit thyroid iodide uptake for a few weeks--had no decrease in serum thyroid hormone or increase in serum thyrotropin concentrations (the hallmark of even mild hypothyroidism).
Elevated resin and sand additive temperatures can theoretically contribute to a decrease in the benchlife characteristics of mixed sand.
Intense physical activity may decrease splanchnic blood flow to 20-50% of baseline as blood is shunted to skin and exercising muscle(2).
The Garfield Report noted an overall decrease in prices.