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Use deed of trust, letter of credit or guarantee: Clients can also have the QI's obligations secured by a deed of trust, conforming standby letter of credit or third-party guarantee.
The Deed of Trust will outline how the money will be divided if you sell the property.
If a construction loan deed of trust has priority, its priority is only to the extent of money used in the construction.
We insured a third deed of trust for $40,000, against a home on Old Chesterbrook Road in McLean, Virginia.
Prior to selling the relinquished property, the "buyer" could refinance or place a note and second deed of trust against the property.
in a commercial context, you did not previously own the property, sell it to the current owner and take back a note and a deed of trust on the property).
According to the state, the per-diem violation arises when a lender charges more than one day's interest prior to the recording of the mortgage or deed of trust.
The purchasers of each unit made a down payment, signed a promissory note for the balance of the purchase price, and gave H and W a deed of trust to secure the note.