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DEFDiesel Exhaust Fluid (automotive)
DEFDefinitions (File Name Extension)
DEFDeftones (band)
DEFDefaults (File Name Extension)
DEFDocumento di Economia e Finanza (Italian: Economic and Financial Document)
DEFDiplôme d'Etudes Fondamentales (French: Fundamental Studies Diploma)
DEFDiplôme d'Etudes Françaises (French: Diploma of French Studies; various universities)
DEFDétection Électronique Française (French: French Electronic Detection)
DEFDark Elf (Everquest)
DEFDiamond Empowerment Fund
DEFDiccionario de Especialidades Farmaceuticas (Spanish: Dictionary of Specialty Pharmaceuticals; software)
DEFDigital Empowerment Foundation (New Delhi, India)
DEFData Element Framework
DEFDiscovery Eye Foundation (nonprofit for eye disease research; California)
DEFDevelopmental Evaluation Framework
DEFDanmarks Elektroniske Forskningsbibliotek
DEFData Exchange Format
DEFDelayed Ettringite Formation (concrete)
DEFDesign Exchange Format (Cadence)
DEFDiplôme d'Entraineur Fédéral de Football (French: Federal Football Coach Diploma)
DEFDecision Education Foundation
DEFDisarmed Enemy Forces
DEFDevelopment Education Forum
DEFDefense Enterprise Fund
DEFDépartement de l'Emploi Francophone (French: Department of Employment Francophone; various locations)
DEFDrug Education Forum
DEFDeployment Expeditionary Force (US Army)
DEFDetector and Extractor of Fileprints
DEFDirect Equipment Failure
DEFDecayed, Extracted, and Filled Tooth
DEFDose Effect Factor
DEFDistance Enumerator Function
DEFDigital Enforcement Faction
DEFDependents Function
DEFDigital Elimination Force
DEFDevelopment & Evaluation Facility
DEFDetection Efficiency Function (microscope)
DEFDefensman/Defensmen (hockey)
References in classic literature ?
Still in default of practical experience what was the value of mere theories?
They have been in her family as servants; and, in default of any other school to receive them, she has, in many cases, had them instructed in a family school, with her own children.
Sometimes this was brilliant beyond words, including a certain youthful Monte Cristo, who on Fridays expended thirty cents on a round trip ticket and traveled from Wareham to Riverboro merely to be near Huldah; sometimes, too, the circle was reduced to the popcorn-and-peanut boy of the train, who seemed to serve every purpose in default of better game.
The Sunday papers printed separate editions as further news came to hand, some even in default of it.
New York: Nearly 70% of next year's defaults are expected to come from weak issuers concentrated in broadcasting/media, retail, and energy, Fitch Ratings forecasts in its latest Leveraged Loan Default Insight report.
In comparison, 145 defaults were recorded in the first five months in 2009, 30 of which were May defaults.
In comparison, only 105 defaults were recorded in 2008.
Most defaults occur a year or two after the loan was made, and the state is now in a period where the loan pool is at risk.
They then made the leap of logic that because the defaults had been waived, Bentley had never been in default, and consequently, the guaranty automatically terminated.
The state is much less successful in collecting from default dads, on average, and the wrongly named defaults surely pay the least.
Annual corporate defaults exceeded 200 for the first time, with 211 issuers defaulting on approximately $115.
Fitch IBGA first reviewed a number of existing publicly available studies which indicated greater frequency of defaults in sectors like industrial development bonds (IDBs), health care, and multifamily housing.