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DEFTDefendant (US judicial system)
DEFTDirect Epifluorescent Filter Technique (bacteria)
DEFTDéfi Fouille de Textes (French: Text Mining Challenge)
DEFTDriven Equilibrium Fourier Transform
DEFTDynamic Error/Free Transmission
DEFTDigital Electronic Film Transfer (Snell & Wilcox video conversion technology)
DEFTDefended Footprint Tool (tactical missile simulation, China Lake)
DEFTDo Every Freaking Thing (polite form)
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Skimpin for the plaintiff,' said the judge, writing down the names in his note-book, and reading as he wrote; 'for the defendant, Serjeant Snubbin and Mr.
Serjeant Buzfuz, with a tremendous emphasis on the word 'box,' smote his table with a mighty sound, and glanced at Dodson and Fogg, who nodded admiration of the Serjeant, and indignant defiance of the defendant.
Pickwick, and talking AT him; 'and when I say systematic villainy, let me tell the defendant Pickwick, if he be in court, as I am informed he is, that it would have been more decent in him, more becoming, in better judgment, and in better taste, if he had stopped away.
Two letters have passed between these parties, letters which are admitted to be in the handwriting of the defendant, and which speak volumes, indeed.
"It is a rule of law that the defendant shall be given the benefit of the doubt.
The little plaintiff or defendant who was promised a new rocking-horse when Jarndyce and Jarndyce should be settled has grown up, possessed himself of a real horse, and trotted away into the other world.
"The defendant has not been heard, nor has he had an opportunity to call others in his behalf.
A judge was appointed; also clerks, a crier of the court, constables, sheriffs; counsel for the State and for the defendant; witnesses were subpoenaed, and a jury empaneled after much challenging.
Ultimately the defendants (the crew of another ship) came up with the whale, struck, killed, seized, and finally appropriated it before the very eyes of the plaintiffs.
Defendant PAPADOPOULOS claimed he met a certain female Russian national before he joined the Campaign and that their communications consisted of emails such as, '"Hi, how are you?"' In truth and in fact, however, defendant PAPADOPOULOS met the female Russian national on or about March 24, 2016, after he had become an adviser to the Campaign; he believed that she had connections to Russian government officials; and he sought to use her Russian connections over a period of months in an effort to arrange a meeting between the Campaign and Russian government officials.
Defendant Bershadsky did not disclose any orders of protection against him and was unaware of whether Pugliese performed any background check of him.