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DFRDépartement de Formation et de Recherche (French: Department of Training and Research; various locations)
DFRDirection de la Formation et de la Recherche (French: Directorate of Training and Research)
DFRDryden Flight Research (US NASA)
DFRDecaf French Roast (coffee)
DFRDallas Fire Rescue (Texas)
DFRDialysate Flow Rate (nephrology)
DFRDean Forest Railway (heritage railway; UK)
DFRDraft Final Report
DFRDropped Frame Rate
DFRDivision of Forest Resources
DFRDistal Femoral Replacement (surgery)
DFRDesign For Reliability
DFRDual Fluid Reactor (nuclear power)
DFRDuty of Fair Representation
DFRDounreay Fast Reactor (fast breeder nuclear reactor)
DFRDetailed Functional Requirement (US DoD/Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service software development)
DFRDigital Fault Recorder
DFRDouglas Fir Resort and Chalets (Canada)
DFRDetailed Feasibility Report
DFRDanmarks Forskningspolitiske Råd (Danish: Danish Council for Research Policy)
DFRDry Film Resist
DFRDecreasing Failure Rate
DFRDrilling Factual Report
DFRDigital Family Reunion
DFRDefence Force Recruiting
DFRDropped From Rolls
DFRDoctor's First Report (workman's compensation)
DFRDark Force Rising
DFRDivine Forces Radio
DFRDefense Fuel Region (US DoD)
DFRDialysis Facility Report
DFRDartmouth Formula Racing (Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College)
DFRDesign For Reuse
DFRDiary Feedback Report (USMC)
DFRDirect Fingerprint Reader
DFRDelta Force Revolution (first person shooter gaming squad)
DFRDave Freitas Racing
DFRDirectorate of Fisheries Research (UK; now Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science)
DFRDouble Frequency Recording
DFRDecision Feedback Receiver
DFRDemonstration Fast Reactor (energy industry)
DFRDefensive Fumble Recovery (football)
DFRDaily Field Report
DFRDigital Flight Recorder
DFRDurst Fetner Residential (New York, NY)
DFRDisk File Read
DFRDirection Finding Receiver
DFRDamaged Fuel Relocation
DFRDoseur Fixation Ronde (French: Round Feeder Attachment)
DFRDivision of Financial Regulation
DFRDepartment of Fisheries Research (UK)
DFRDetail Fatigue Rating
DFRDirect Funding Report
DFRDistributed Flow Routing
DFRDynamic Faulty Recovery
DFRDragonfly Ripple (band)
DFRDivision of Financial Responsibility
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409A provides that, after the first election to defer distribution, a service provider can make an additional election for a further deferral, if the plan requires that:
10) Alison Bennett, Jordan Betz & Alison Carpenter, KPMG Settles With Justice Department In Move To Defer Tax Prosecution, DAILY TAX REPORT (Aug.
Under the new rules, a participant's election to defer compensation must be made no later than the end of the preceding tax year.
The legislative history provides a further caveat that purported risks of forfeiture must be real to defer taxation.
Property planning can allow a debtor to defer the recognition of this DOI Income indefinitely.
Enabling service providers to preserve the right to defer taxation on compensation for earned services, while avoiding unintentional premature recognition of taxable income before such payments;
The new provision is a reaction to certain deferred compensation strategies that Congress perceived to be abusive, such as techniques to further defer or to accelerate distributions at the participant's discretion.
The decision to defer compensation must be made within the first 30 days of an employee's eligibility
A variable annuity, however, may be appropriate for investors who want an aggressive approach (especially those with a longer life expectancy) and the ability to shelter or defer income from current taxation.