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DEFDiesel Exhaust Fluid (automotive)
DEFDefinitions (File Name Extension)
DEFDeftones (band)
DEFDefaults (File Name Extension)
DEFDocumento di Economia e Finanza (Italian: Economic and Financial Document)
DEFDiplôme d'Etudes Fondamentales (French: Fundamental Studies Diploma)
DEFDétection Électronique Française (French: French Electronic Detection)
DEFDiplôme d'Etudes Françaises (French: Diploma of French Studies; various universities)
DEFDark Elf (Everquest)
DEFDiamond Empowerment Fund
DEFDiccionario de Especialidades Farmaceuticas (Spanish: Dictionary of Specialty Pharmaceuticals; software)
DEFDigital Empowerment Foundation (New Delhi, India)
DEFData Element Framework
DEFDiscovery Eye Foundation (nonprofit for eye disease research; California)
DEFDevelopmental Evaluation Framework
DEFDanmarks Elektroniske Forskningsbibliotek
DEFData Exchange Format
DEFDelayed Ettringite Formation (concrete)
DEFDesign Exchange Format (Cadence)
DEFDiplôme d'Entraineur Fédéral de Football (French: Federal Football Coach Diploma)
DEFDecision Education Foundation
DEFDisarmed Enemy Forces
DEFDevelopment Education Forum
DEFDefense Enterprise Fund
DEFDépartement de l'Emploi Francophone (French: Department of Employment Francophone; various locations)
DEFDrug Education Forum
DEFDeployment Expeditionary Force (US Army)
DEFDetector and Extractor of Fileprints
DEFDirect Equipment Failure
DEFDecayed, Extracted, and Filled Tooth
DEFDose Effect Factor
DEFDigital Elimination Force
DEFDevelopment & Evaluation Facility
DEFDistance Enumerator Function
DEFDigital Enforcement Faction
DEFDependents Function
DEFDetection Efficiency Function (microscope)
DEFDefensman/Defensmen (hockey)
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Meter, the distinguishing formal mark of poetry and all verse, is merely rhythm which is regular in certain fundamental respects, roughly speaking is rhythm in which the recurrence of stressed syllables or of feet with definite time-values is regular.
Having once more entered into the definite conditions of this regimental life, Rostov felt the joy and relief a tired man feels on lying down to rest.
All this, and much more, at a cost of interminable time and patience, Nalasu taught him, and much more he taught him, increasing his vocabulary so that, at a distance, they could hold quick and sharply definite conversations.
Led by the new light that had fallen on her, Emily returned to the library the next morning with a definite idea of what she had to look for.
I fear that unless you can give me some more definite information than this it would be impossible to get him to move."
"I cannot say anything definite, for I do not know anything definite."
Maidment in a statement from the museum."Most known stegosaurus date from later in the Jurassic Period, making this the oldest definite stegosaur described and helping to increase our understanding of the evolution of this group of dinosaurs.
All I can say for definite is that it is surprising more did not vote for the Monster Raving Looney Party in view of the antics of our present MPs.
Justice Halima Salman, who had fixed Monday, January 7, 2019, for definite hearing of the case, was informed that inability of the police to produce witnesses and exhibits before the court brought about the development.
Similarly, he said that the VC has also sent a list of five to six questions to the members of ASA and they are yet to submit a definite reply.
Second, there is an additional term of definite commitment to conduct exploration activities.