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For relative length l / H > 30 it is not need to use relation (13) because good results give calculation of deflection with the technical theory of flexure Eq.
It employs a cross-axis positioning of the roll such that the roll deflection is "wrapped" about the mating roll to create a uniform gap over a wide operating range.
The underestimation of long-term losses of the pre-stressing caused especially either by excessive shrinkage or creep of concrete decreases the level of applied pre-stressing and consecutively increases the deflection.
The final inspection conducted by TDOT and Timewell engineers followed TDOT and AASHTO criteria, noting that deflection testing was to occur no sooner than 30 days after installation.
Because the outer wall has been constructed, the design of the inner structure has a significant influence on the deflection and stability of the support structure.
In a previous study, MIT researchers found that using stiffer pavements decreases deflection and reduces fuel consumption by as much as three percent--a savings that could add up to 273 million barrels of crude oil per year, or $15.
The midfielder joked: "I would like to think my shot was heading for the top corner and took a slight deflection but if I'm honest it was going wide and took a huge deflection.
Known as pavement-vehicle interaction, it is seen in three forms: roughness, texture and deflection.
Over the past decades, many researchers have investigated the problem of deflection of non-prismatic beams subjected to different boundary conditions.
In other words, in existing augmented reality system, the utilization rate falls for the fine works due to the deflection of heavy tools installed on the arm of the robot, deflection due to the weight of the robot arm itself.
Smith and Watkins pointed out that the Iowa Formula was derived to predict the ring deflection of flexible culverts, and not as a design equation to determine the wall thicknesses of pipes.
However, the spinning simulation indicates that an outward deflection of emerging melt streams increases the open gap, eventually preventing the melt streams from gluing together.