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DEFDiesel Exhaust Fluid (automotive)
DEFDefinitions (File Name Extension)
DEFDeftones (band)
DEFDefaults (File Name Extension)
DEFDark Elf (Everquest)
DEFDiamond Empowerment Fund
DEFDanmarks Elektroniske Forskningsbibliotek
DEFData Exchange Format
DEFDelayed Ettringite Formation (concrete)
DEFDesign Exchange Format (Cadence)
DEFDecision Education Foundation
DEFDisarmed Enemy Forces
DEFDefense Enterprise Fund
DEFDrug Education Forum
DEFDeployment Expeditionary Force (US Army)
DEFDetector and Extractor of Fileprints
DEFDirect Equipment Failure
DEFDecayed, Extracted, and Filled Tooth
DEFDose Effect Factor
DEFDigital Enforcement Faction
DEFDistance Enumerator Function
DEFDependents Function
DEFDevelopment & Evaluation Facility
DEFDigital Elimination Force
DEFDefensman/Defensmen (hockey)
DEFDetection Efficiency Function (microscope)
DEFDépartement de l'Emploi Francophone (French: Department of Employment Francophone; various locations)
DEFDiplôme d'Entraineur Fédéral de Football (French: Federal Football Coach Diploma)
DEFDétection Électronique Française (French: French Electronic Detection)
DEFDiplôme d'Etudes Françaises (French: Diploma of French Studies; various universities)
DEFDigital Empowerment Foundation (New Delhi, India)
DEFDiplôme d'Etudes Fondamentales (French: Fundamental Studies Diploma)
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During defrosting operation mode, Type 919 is stopped and water flow from the storage tank is cooled down at rate needed to defrost partialy frozen evaporator.
We are now talking to some of the world's largest retailers and manufacturers about the next steps in implementing flash defrost.
The FSA advises that those preparing a turkey from frozen should follow the retailer's recommended defrosting time and defrost the bird in the fridge, if possible, or somewhere cool to slow the growth of germs.
Ice*Meister(TM) Model 9734-REFR defrost controller installs directly on evaporator coils at the factory, or is retrofitted is in the field.
Frost, Defrost, And Refrost And Its Impact On The Air-Side Thermal-Hydraulic Performance Of Louvered-Fin, Flat-Tube Heat Exchangers, International journal of Refrigeration, 29: 1066-1079.
A modular system for extending the production time without defrost is available, which brings additional energy savings.
Also boasts a variable browning function, defrost, reheat and cancel functions and removable crumb tray.
Drivers who leave cars with engines running to defrost and warm up run the risk of losing them to thieves, claim insurance firms.
CHEEKY car thieves have been stealing cars that have been left running to defrost by their owners.
Freeze raw steak or chicken in a marinade, then defrost and grill when ready.
Always do it on the day of purchase but never defrost and refreeze.