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DEFDiesel Exhaust Fluid (automotive)
DEFDefinitions (File Name Extension)
DEFDeftones (band)
DEFDefaults (File Name Extension)
DEFDark Elf (Everquest)
DEFDiamond Empowerment Fund
DEFDanmarks Elektroniske Forskningsbibliotek
DEFData Exchange Format
DEFDelayed Ettringite Formation (concrete)
DEFDesign Exchange Format (Cadence)
DEFDecision Education Foundation
DEFDisarmed Enemy Forces
DEFDefense Enterprise Fund
DEFDrug Education Forum
DEFDeployment Expeditionary Force (US Army)
DEFDetector and Extractor of Fileprints
DEFDirect Equipment Failure
DEFDecayed, Extracted, and Filled Tooth
DEFDose Effect Factor
DEFDigital Enforcement Faction
DEFDistance Enumerator Function
DEFDependents Function
DEFDevelopment & Evaluation Facility
DEFDigital Elimination Force
DEFDefensman/Defensmen (hockey)
DEFDetection Efficiency Function (microscope)
DEFDépartement de l'Emploi Francophone (French: Department of Employment Francophone; various locations)
DEFDiplôme d'Entraineur Fédéral de Football (French: Federal Football Coach Diploma)
DEFDétection Électronique Française (French: French Electronic Detection)
DEFDiplôme d'Etudes Françaises (French: Diploma of French Studies; various universities)
DEFDigital Empowerment Foundation (New Delhi, India)
DEFDiplôme d'Etudes Fondamentales (French: Fundamental Studies Diploma)
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Test Tolerances of Defrost Tests during Heating for the Unit Using FEO Condition Tolerance Defrost Outdoor DB OutdoorDew Point Indoor DB Charge, Indoor Test No.
Other factors of importance in the selection of the defrost method are the effect on the product during the defrost period, sizing of the condensing unit, simplicity of the system and economy of the system.
With the sequential defrost the total needed refrigeration capacity of the system is diverted to several smaller and individual air coolers, making for up to 144 hours of production time before general defrosting is needed.
And just a short time later a VW Passat was stolen from the owner's driveway on Ash Meadows, in Washington, when the woman owner had left the engine running to defrost the windows Acting Insp Audra Newman said: "We suspect the thieves may be cruising certain areas in a car driven by someone else, keeping a lookout for opportunities.
Figures 2 and 3 show the refrigerant circuit for a refrigerator employing the new defrost scheme for normal operation and for defrosting operation, respectively.
DCI Paul Hesketh said: "Criminals know that drivers leave their cars unattended to defrost and warm up.
MICROWAVE OVEN: It's feasible to thaw a turkey of 12 pounds or less in the microwave oven on the defrost cycle, turning often (follow manufacturer's instructions).
The message from the police is do not leave a car running unattended for any length of time whether it is left on your own driveway to defrost or while you pop into a shop or post a letter.
A preliminary analysis indicates that a savings of over 20% is to be expected at this facility through more efficient use of their compressors, floating head pressure and demand defrost controls that greatly reduce defrost actions in the cold Minnesota winters.
The revolutionary defrost systems ensure full visibility by minimizing frost build-up on the door panels.
Four convenience buttons: defrost, reheat, popcorn, beverage