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DELDepartment for Employment and Learning (UK)
DELDelaware (old style)
DELDeutsche Eishockey Liga (German)
DELDepartmental Expenditure Limit (UK)
DELDelineavit (drawn by)
DELDecode-Encode Language
DELDiode Electro-Luminescente (French: Light Emitting Diode)
DELDigital Entertainment Lifestyle (Microsoft)
DELDistributed & Electronic Learning (UK)
DELData Extraction Language
DELDelhi, India - Delhi International Airport (Airport Code)
DELData Evaluation Laboratory
DELdeployable equipment list (US DoD)
DELDeutsche Elektrolyt-Kupfer-Notierung für Leitmaterial (German)
DELDeep Cell Multilayer
DELData Enhancement Layer
DELDerogatory Ethnic Label
DELDTRA Experimentation Laboratory
DELDisplaced Employee List
DELDepartment of Educational Leadership (various schools)
DELDirect Exchange Line
DELDistance Education and Learning
DELJean Delatour (Tour de France cycling sponsor)
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A candidate needs 2,383 delegates to win the nomination, so Sanders would need 1,022 more pledged delegates if he were to win with those alone, while Clinton would need just another 701.
Trump all the way," said Tania Vojvodic, a delegate to the state convention who plans to run for a national slot.
Under the Oregon GOP's bylaws, delegates are freed from their pledges if their candidate receives the votes of fewer than 35 percent of the delegates needed for nomination, if their candidate releases delegates to vote for someone else, or if more than two convention ballots are needed to select a nominee.
There are Bylaws changes that have been submitted by the ANA Board of Directors (BOD) for consideration by the 2012 House of Delegates (HOD) that: (a) reduce the number of ANA HOD delegates allotted to the Constituent Member Associations (CMAs) and the Individual Membership Division (IMD) and (b) place a cap on the total number of seats allotted to the IMD.
provide for representation in the ANA House of Delegates or successor membership assembly (.
In the latter state, where caucuses were held the same day as those in Louisiana, Paul's supporters outnumbered Romney's in the caucuses, with the result that many of the Massachusetts delegates going to Tampa will be Ron Paul supporters even though they will be pledged to Romney owing to his primary victory.
All subordinate organizations of the DAV should select delegates and alternates as soon as forms arrive and be sure to get the lists of delegates and alternates to National Headquarters before the July 8 deadline.
The delegates obviously have some questions to ask and they are obviously entitled to answers," Lenihan told the Limerick Leader.
When appropriate, the delegate should state whether they are speaking in favor of or in opposition to a question.
Delegate fees may not be paid to delegates appointed on site.
Each delegate would get half a vote at the convention in Denver this summer.
One alternate delegate will be chosen for Clinton as well, with state Rep.