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DATKDeliberate Attack
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If this was a deliberate attack, it is completely reprehensible and almost beyond belief.
But he emphasised that the incident over the Mediterranean, which Turkey says was a deliberate attack, was not discussed under Article 5.
UNMIS calls on the parties to immediately investigate the incident and take appropriate action against the perpetrators of this deliberate attack.
A local policeman said it appeared to be a deliberate attack on Suran Omar, 33, who has been a critic of the semiautonomous Kurdish government's rule.
The Thursday explosion at a California Chabad house, previously thought to be a pipe bomb, then a freak accident, is now confirmed as a deliberate attack.
A SMALL plane smashed into a federal building which housed US tax offices in Austin, Texas yesterday with reports claiming it may have been a deliberate attack.
tax offices in Austin, Texas on Thursday and media reports said it may have been a deliberate attack.
Where there is no intended military target and the rockets and mortars are launched into civilian areas, they constitute a deliberate attack against the civilian population," the report found.
But then her fiance, the town's popular and admired doctor, is discovered shortly afterwards, horrifically burned by what appears to have been a deliberate attack, and the scandal takes on a more sinister edge.
It was a deliberate attack and it was a ferocious attack.
Additionally, 74 percent and 71 percent of those polled think that safety measures at food/beverage manufacturers and farms, respectively, need to be heightened to prevent a deliberate attack.
Ireland coach Eddie O'Sullivan claimed his stand-off had been the victim of a deliberate attack by a Scottish player - but refused to name the alleged culprit.