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We struggled out to the open air and the bright sunshine, and for the space of thirty minutes received ragged Arabs by couples, dozens and platoons, and paid them bucksheesh for services they swore and proved by each other that they had rendered, but which we had not been aware of before--and as each party was paid, they dropped into the rear of the procession and in due time arrived again with a newly-invented delinquent list for liquidation.
Brooke, who presently came and said that he would step into the carriage and go with Dorothea as far as Dagley's, to speak about the small delinquent who had been caught with the leveret.
Content with the momentary examination he had made, the eldest of the group, who was in truth the delinquent sentinel by whose remissness the wily Mahtoree had so well profited, turned towards his father and said bluntly--
All the way to Stone Lodge, as with grave indignation he led the two delinquents home, he repeated at intervals 'What would Mr.
It is very true that, after acquiring rebellious provinces a second time, they are not so lightly lost afterwards, because the prince, with little reluctance, takes the opportunity of the rebellion to punish the delinquents, to clear out the suspects, and to strengthen himself in the weakest places.
It came about in this wise: the officers were pacified on learning the rank of those with whom they had been engaged, and withdrew from the contest, considering that whatever the result might be they were likely to get the worst of the battle; but one of them, the one who had been thrashed and kicked by Don Fernando, recollected that among some warrants he carried for the arrest of certain delinquents, he had one against Don Quixote, whom the Holy Brotherhood had ordered to be arrested for setting the galley slaves free, as Sancho had, with very good reason, apprehended.
Since then, he hath become an active and earnest agitator, a murmurer, and a machinator, and a leader amongst those who impugn our authority; not considering that the rule is given to the Master even by the symbol of the staff and the rod the staff to support the infirmities of the weak the rod to correct the faults of delinquents.
Elkington et al [5] and Silva et al [6] studied the relationship between delinquent behaviour and psychiatric illness and found higher rates of delinquent behaviours among children with psychiatric illness.
At minimum, the District is seeking the following goods and/or services to be provided by the Respondent(s): The Houston Independent School District ( HISD or District ) is requesting submissions of interest from law firms for purposes of providing delinquent tax collection and related services for the District.
The balance of delinquent accounts [of the BIR] increased by 188 percent in 2012 from that of 2011, from P103.
Other research has found more than one-third of youth ages 12-17 exhibited at least one delinquent behavior during the previous year, and 2009 statistics found drug use rose nationally in 2009, reversing a downward trend.
The Trepp data looks at property loans of $1 million or more that are delinquent by 60 or more days.