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DTDonald Trump
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DTDifference in Time
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DTDistrito Federal (Federal District of Brazil)
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DTDouble Trouble
DTDiamond Tiara (My Little Pony)
DTDream Theater (band)
DTDigital Thermometer (various companies)
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DTDavid Tennant (actor)
DTDocumentation and Training
DTDestructive Testing
DTData Terminal
DTDirt Track (Yamaha)
DTDew Point Temperature
DTDigital Television (used in TV callsign)
DTDolan Twins (clothing brand)
DTDirect TV
DTDynasty Tactics (video game)
DTDetention (school)
DTDinner Time
DTDouble Time (on overtime forms)
DTData Transmission
DTdouble take
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DTDiphtheria-Tetanus (vaccination)
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DTdog trainer
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DTDaemon Tools
DTDance Team
DTDirect Transmission
DTDouble Top (trading Markets; stocks, bonds, commodities)
DTDeuteronomy (book of the Bible)
DTDevil Trigger (gaming, Devil May Cry)
DTDirector Técnico (soccer coach)
DTDead Time
DTDiscus Throw
DTDisruptive Technologies
DTDigital Terminal
DTDoing Time
DTDisplacement Transducer
DTDrive Tire
DTDistance Transform
DTDoubting Thomas
DTDifferential Transformer
DTDrunken Tiger (band)
DTDisplay Terminal
DTDouble Torsion
DTDetention Time
DTDelirium Tremens
DTDelaunay Triangulation
DTDevelopment Type
DTDetection Time
DTDrug Tariff
DTDecay Time
DTDifference Threshold
DTDark Tranquillity (band)
DTDomain Theory
DTDouble Transfer (philately)
DTDietetic Technician
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DTDrive Tube
DTDwell Time
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DTDark Templar (Starcraft gaming organization)
DTDarktide (gaming, Asheron's Call)
DTDevelopmental Training
DTDevelopmental Therapist (various organizations)
DTDetection Threshold
DTData Track
DTDay Tripper (Beatles song)
DTDouble Tagging (LAN Switching)
DTDark Tournament (Yu Yu Hakusho, gaming)
DTDeath Trap (gaming)
DTDisplaced Threshold
DTDunk Tank
DTDeep Trench (bipolar junction transistors)
DTDavid Tao (Chinese singer)
DTDynamic Tracking
DTDark Throne
DTDragontown (music album)
DTDucktales (cartoon)
DTDemonstration Test
DTDiagnosis Tree
DTDesign Transfer
DTDecision Technology (choices)
DTDialog Telekom PLC (Sri Lanka)
DTTAAG - Linhas Aereas de Angola (IATA airline code)
DTDecreasing Term (insurance)
DTDrag Turn (marching band)
DTDr. Thunder (band)
DTDeath Touch (gaming clan)
DTDynamic Targeting
DTDelivery Ticket
DTDetailed Tasks
DTDeduction Theorem
DTDeclaration of Taking (property)
DTDesign Tolerance
DTDeseret Towers (BYU student housing)
DTDemonic Tutor (gaming, Magic the Gathering)
DTDraco Trilogy (fanfiction)
DTDynamic Tear/Test
DTDick Togs
DTDoctor Theologiae (Latin: Doctor of Divinity, Codices and Manuscripts)
DTDangerous Truths (fanfiction, novel by Anne Walsh)
DTDesign Trainee
DTDark Tavern (web forum)
DTDeletion Threshold
DTDedham Times (Dedham, Massachusetts)
DTDirectly Tunable
DTDeployment Transaction
DTDevelopment Test/ing
DTDevelopment/al Test/ing
DTDegrees Twaddle (measurement of brine density)
DTDecision-Related Tracker
DTDharga Town (Sri Lanka)
DTDisability Taskforce (Australian Computer Society)
DTDedit Testamento (Latin: He/She Left Through Will, epigraphy)
DTDay/Daytime Television
DT(USN Rating) Dental Technician
DTDynamic Truths (band)
DTDirectorate for MASINT(Measurement and Signature Intelligence) and Technical Collection (US DoD; Defense Intelligence Agency)
DTDharma Tech (Salt Lake City, UT)
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The positive relation between delirium tremens and a favourable long-term outcome is in agreement with a previous study, in which delirium at first admission was related (Nordstrom & Berglund 1988).
"Beer has meaning to people when it is brewed to local traditions and on local ground." Delirium Tremens is imported by Wetten Importers, Sterling, VA.
Los pacientes con abuso o dependencia del alcohol que podrian tener alto riesgo de desarrollar sindrome de abstinencia severo son aquellos que presentan: historia de amnesia lacunar (lagunas), uso de alcohol al despertar, antecedente de delirium tremens, antecedente de convulsion por abstinencia, dos o mas desintoxicaciones hospitalarias previas, historia de participacion en dos o mas programas de desintoxicacion alcoholica, uso de heroina o cocaina, uso de benzodiacepinas, puntaje CIWA-Ar inicial > 10.
(6) Benzodiazepines, which bind at the benzodiazepine site on the [GABA.sub.A] receptor and, similar to alcohol, acutely enhance GABA and inhibit glutamate signaling, are the standard of care for alcohol withdrawal because they reduce anxiety and the risk of seizures and delirium tremens, which is a severe form of alcohol withdrawal characterized by disturbance in consciousness and cognition and hallucinations.
Ale lover: Bradley Wiggins is fond of Delirium Tremens, a 8.5% Belgian brew.
Timely sedation will prevent the onset of convulsion or progression to delirium tremens. The most effective regimen is to control the agitation, sweating, and tremor with symptom-triggered dosing (Harrison & Daly, 2006).
"Because the crowd is so open and visible in the courtyard, more people join in." As for summer beer styles, "some people still look for the strong Belgian gold beers, because we have Chimay and Delirium Tremens on draft [$7 to $8], but the Belgian witbier Hoegaarden [$6 for 12 ounces] is really popular too," she says.
After being thrown to the floor by the force of the 'quake, Corner's first thoughts were to get to her patients, including an alcoholic in the midst of the delirium tremens. Despite the situation, she was able to get drugs charted, calm and comfort him.
These were the exact words said by Evo Morales [the president of Bolivia] in Spain: "We want partners not bosses." This phrase was literally stolen by Colom, highlighting that in his fantasy, or in his delirium tremens and opiatic dreams, he thinks that Guatemala could be so much like Bolivia that he gives himself the luxury of using the same rhetoric and the same form of financing: cocaine.
One of the most eye-catching has to be the Belgian brew called Delirium Tremens. Named after the shakes and hallucinations caused by too much booze, it's decorated by dancing pink elephants.
The Hills themselves are Aquarians who, according to my internet source, are prone to "diarrhea, dropsy, goitre and delirium tremens".
The jury said training into delirium tremens was inadequate, as was liaison with outside agencies.