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Matthew, they said, showed evidence of "suicidality, homicidality, mood concerns, nonbizarre delusions of grandeur, and narcissistic themes," according to a school memo.
In nations with delusions of grandeur, unable to accept their lost empires, or striving to dominate global markets, architects and building industries display more aggressive and confrontational attitudes.
Houston InterWeb clearly suffers from delusions of grandeur. In one press release, it compares itself to well-known incubators CMGI and Internet Capital Group "in that InterWeb leverages its technology and takes an interest in the Internet-related ventures it helps build." And build up Houston InterWeb Design in the process?
In addition, delusions of grandeur, in which a person may believe he or she is a famous or important figure, may occur in schizophrenia.
In his written response, Chudak accused Blaise Thompson of suffering from delusions of grandeur. When Thompson finally got the document, to which, presumably, no one but Chudak had had access, the document, too, said that Blaise was suffering from delusions of grandeur.
The little Welsh League club can be excused delusions of grandeur after beating Vasutas of Hungary in the qualifying round in a penalty shoot- out, but they'll find the Dons in dour mood.
Delusions of grandeur? Probably more like the early turnings of a brilliant and determined mind.
House-wise I got Zaf and Phil Asher's version of Spirit, Put Your Hands Together, Maurice Fulton's mix of Soul Mekanik's Go Upstairs, Soul Clap's House Of E Funk release, Exterior's Plaugued Of Self Pity EP on Edinburgh's Hobbes Music, Session Victim's Dawn EP on Delusions OF Grandeur, and Fouk Truffles EP on Detroit Swindle's Heist Recordings.
Summary: At a time when the clouds of hardship encroach upon the Middle East, the skies are polluted with delusions of grandeur and Disney-style entertainment.
A MANIACAL koala bear with delusions of grandeur threatens the safety of creatures great and small in The Jungle Bunch.
Maybe I have delusions of grandeur but I aspire to have something a little more memorable for my last drive - a tribute, in steel, to a life wasted on my passion for cars.
Mind you, Ronaldo's exhorbitant wages haven't prevented him from experiencing delusions of grandeur!