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DXData Exchange (used by OPC foundation OLE for Process Control)
DXData Explorer
DXDirector's Cut
DXDirect Expansion (refers to refrigerant-type cooling coils ie DX coil)
DXDeus Ex
DXDigital Experience
DXDirect X
DXDesign Exchange
DXDeal Extreme (online shop)
DXDocument Exchange
DXDeveloper Experience (software)
DXDriver Class
DXD-generation X
DXData Extraction
DXDirect Exchange
DXData Register
DXDegeneration x (WWE wrestling)
DXDelta Chi (fraternity)
DXLong Distance Communications (radio)
DXDirectory Exchange
DXDigital Cross Connect
DXDigital Index (35mm film encoding)
DXDigital Exclusive (Nikkor lenses)
DXDirectorate for External Relations (US DoD; Defense Intelligence Agency)
DXBipack (cinematography)
DXDistance Unknown (long-distance radio reception)
DXDragon Expo
DXDomestic Extemporaneous Speaking (debate)
DXDirectory of Expertise (USACE)
DXDuplex Signaling
DXDitch Crossing (pipeline route)
DXDepth Excess
DXDiscreteLogix (Islamabad, Pakistan web developers)
DXDynamic Exfiltration (Cytec Corporation/ATK-Thiokol emergency personnel evacuation technology)
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Deluxe is perfectly positioned to deliver the high performance and services required to address these" said Justin Beaudin, Chief Operations Officer, Distribution.
"Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" is the very first game outside of the Nintendo Labo software to  receive Toy-Con support.
- Deluxe Creamy Basil Dip with Pesto and Parmesean perfectly pairs with subtle dishes and it's creamy texture makes it the perfect dipping partner.
When it comes to security, the new deluxe model will come with the iQ System 4.1, a dual anti-theft lock that can be opened with a smart phone, fingerprints, facial recognition or authentication passwords.
Four room categories are available: Deluxe Room; Deluxe View Room; Premier Room; and Premier View Room.
Tubs with the Toffee Deluxe will hit shelves from November 6.
Deluxe, which is best known for printing checks, also handles small-business marketing efforts for its customers.
The Vang Deluxe Outdoorsmen Camcorder's proprietary features allow for all of the important aspects of the hunting of prey to be digitally memorialized while also providing the hunter with easy access to valuable logistical information.
TEHRAN (FNA)- ASUS announced the 'ZenFone 2 Deluxe' that touts 256GB of storage.
The facelifted model will be offered in seven trim levels, Type R, Type R Sporty, Type X Deluxe, Type M Deluxe, and Type X, M & D.
He joins Deluxe after serving as chief technology officer for FOX SPORTS in Australia.