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DXData Exchange (used by OPC foundation OLE for Process Control)
DXData Explorer
DXDirector's Cut
DXDirect Expansion (refers to refrigerant-type cooling coils ie DX coil)
DXDeus Ex
DXDirect X
DXDesign Exchange
DXDocument Exchange
DXD-generation X
DXData Extraction
DXDirect Exchange
DXData Register
DXDegeneration x (WWE wrestling)
DXDelta Chi (fraternity)
DXLong Distance Communications (radio)
DXDirectory Exchange
DXDigital Cross Connect
DXDigital Index (35mm film encoding)
DXDigital Exclusive (Nikkor lenses)
DXBipack (cinematography)
DXDistance Unknown (long-distance radio reception)
DXDragon Expo
DXDomestic Extemporaneous Speaking (debate)
DXDirectory of Expertise (USACE)
DXDuplex Signaling
DXDepth Excess
DXDitch Crossing (pipeline route)
DXDiscreteLogix (Islamabad, Pakistan web developers)
DXDirectorate for External Relations (DIA) (US DoD)
DXDynamic Exfiltration (Cytec Corporation/ATK-Thiokol emergency personnel evacuation technology)
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This results in a rapid proliferation of Storage Deluxe employees, square footage, and self-storage units just within this past year, with growth predicted to double revenue figures by 2007.
During an informal survey of the press, we determined that the real winner is the Crispy Chicken Deluxe, followed by the Fish Filet Deluxe, the Grilled Chicken Deluxe, and least popular - the Arch Deluxe.
Arby's Light Roast Chicken's sodium (874 mg) is high, but the alternatives-like Arby's Light Roast Turkey Deluxe, which has 1, 1 72 mg-make it look good.
Discount to New Customers - New customers in states that have been impacted by these recent storms can receive 20% off most Deluxe small business products and services.
The Antelope Valley's Mayor's Committee for Careers for Individuals with Disabilities recently honored Deluxe Checks and 16 other businesses for their efforts.
Tom Morefield, vice president of Sales and Delivery at Deluxe, accepted the award on behalf of Deluxe at the convention.
Other Deluxe-line sandwiches are the Crispy Chicken Deluxe, a fried chicken-breast sandwich; Grilled Chicken Deluxe, a marinated chicken-breast sandwich; and the Fish Filet Deluxe.
For teachers: Encarta '97 Encyclopedia Deluxe School Edition ($69.
and Canada at CompUSA, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples and other leading retail outlets, MyAttorney Home & Business and WillCreator Deluxe provide small businesses, individuals and families an affordable alternative to high-priced legal counsel in preparing contracts and legal forms, as well as family estate planning and will preparation for all 50 U.
I know more about the CIA than any DLL, and I didn't know where to turn - until I loaded a new copy of First Aid 95 Deluxe, the latest in a crowded field of utility programs for IBM compatibles.
Studios proudly announce that Deluxe Digital High Definition Media Center manufactured its first Blu-ray title with AACS & ROM Mark on September 20, 2006 using the Sony PTM LBR and DCA DiscTag Enabled products.
Cingular Deluxe Developers Receive Complimentary Symbian Affiliate Status While Cingular Wireless Becomes Symbian Platinum Partner