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The Syrian regime and its ally, Russian President Vladimir Putin, have been clear that they consider the Idlib demilitarization deal to be a temporary one, and that eventually, Syria will regain control over Idlib.
CMA remains ready to ensure the safe delivery of stockpiled munitions to the demilitarization plants, as needed.
JMC works with Program Executive Office Ammunition to manage the demilitarization of stored ammunition.
The origin of demilitarization in Canada occurred in 1943 when all three ministers of defence (representing Army, Navy and Air Force) were authorized to invoke special measures related to defence production and the armed forces to win the war.
defense aid, sweetening the foreign-enforced demilitarization of their sovereign Sinai territory.
The opposition leader's spokesman further said the leadership commended the recent statement from the Group Partner of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) after their meeting in Nairobi on Thursday, which called for demilitarization of the capital and transportation of opposition forces to Juba.
The whole premise of the peace process, from this viewpoint, was based on demilitarization.
Demilitarization in the Contemporary World, edited by Peter Steams.
"The demilitarization of the Palestinian State is requested by Israel in order to maintain a status of security in the Jewish State", affirmed Israeli politician Tzipi Livni in Jerusalem in 2008.
observers, police and civilian staff are overseeing the demilitarization of the guerrillas and their incorporation into the new government.
Hamas Spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in a statement that the demilitarization of Palestinian resistance factions was "inconsistent with international law and our people will not allow it", Al Bawaba reported.
I don't know why this entirely gratuitous condemnation of the United States and its World War II alijes was necessary for the article, nor do I comprehend how the Allies' post-war demilitarization of a belligerent Germany that had instigated two world wars within 25 years, killing tens of millions of people and harming many millions more, was "vindictiveness." I suppose the Marshall Plan was part of that vindictiveness, too.