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DEMODemonstration Reactor
DEMODesign & Engineering Methodology for Organizations (Netherlands)
DEMODeshler-Morris House (US National Park Service)
DEMODistrict Emergency Management Officer (New South Wales, Australia)
DEMODistrict Emergency Management Officer (Australia)
DEMODynamical & Evolutionary Machine Organization (Brandeis University)
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DON'T SIT IN YOUR CAR in the parking lot smoking weed unless you have a bumping ass system that's loud enough so that everybody at the demo can hear you blasting that.
In addition to Turbo Demo, Bernard D&G also offers Internet Watcher 2000, a Windows security and acceleration application that filters out Internet ads, as well as web pages with inappropriate content.
Christina Lampe-Onnerud has been honored with the prestigious DEMOgod[TM] award by DEMO 07 conference organizers.
Produced by IDG Enterprise events group, the DEMO conferences in the United States and China focus on emerging technologies and new products innovations, which are hand selected from across the spectrum of the
We checked in to the hotel, which wasin a sort of gated community connected to the mall where our demo was, and then drove through town to the huge snake run bowl.
And then there literally must be hundreds of demos I sang on of other people's songs in the little studios around the Brill Building area at 1619 Broadway, where I now have my offices.
Additionally, Network World is the event organizer of DEMO and DEMOfall, the leading events for new technology innovation.
Chris Shipley has always been among the first to identify the most innovative technology products and trends, and DEMO has been the place to launch products that transform industries and everyday lives.
Low Power Demo Board - If you are searching for the lowest power FPGA, this demo platform leaves no doubt that QuickLogic's PolarPro technology is second to none in power consumption, providing designers of portable CE equipment a programmable platform ideal for solving IO and Data processing challenges, while preserving precious battery life.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- DEMO, the conference where the newest and best products in digital technology debut, today introduces its Advisory Board members and a new news and social networking Web site, which will launch when the DEMO 08 conference opens January 28 in Palm Desert, Calif.
QuickLogic's Power Comparison Resource Package Includes a Low Power Video, Demo Platform, White Paper and Micro Site