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DMOBDefensive Missile Order of Battle
DMOBDreams Made of Bits (German website)
DMOBDowntown Merchants of Blacksburg (Virginia)
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The commissioner further said that the SDDRC is currently implementing a number of reintegration and demobilization projects in several states, including three in the Blue Nile state, four projects in South Kordofan state, and numerous projects in the White Nile state.
No magic bullet: A critical perspective on disarmament, demobilization and reintegration and weapons reduction during post-conflict.
From the beginning, the Medellm demobilization had raised suspicions.
Kulongoski welcomed home soldiers in Portland on Wednesday and Forest Grove on Thursday, and will also attend Saturday's demobilization ceremony in Medford.
The one well tie back and completion program in the Jacky Field, Inner Moray Firth, is expected to begin mid-March 2009 and run approximately 20 days, excluding mobilization and demobilization time.
The contract has demobilization alternatives for both West Africa and Malta.
Also in the book is a list of all Canadian units existing during the war, including their disposition, when many were broken up to provide reinforcements, the demobilization, etc.
In mid-April, the government reopened the Randa "Welcome Center," a demobilization camp in Bubanza Province, to house captured or surrendered FNL combatants until the completion of peace negotiations.
That is the tension between the top brass there and the troops under their command over the rate of their demobilization, during 1947-48.
Instead of examining reconstruction and peacekeeping from the view of political elites or in terms of the demobilization of armed groups, Peace Operations Seen From Below forcefully puts for the claim that the essence of rebuilding lies in the societies that emerge from the war, and the daily "ordinary" lives of both civilian populations and the staff of UN missions.
This is not surprising, given the high uncertainty of the implementation period; there is a gap between the concessions required in the peace agreement--such as demobilization or political power sharing--and the actual steps needed to achieve those goals.
An ambitious demobilization effort has already removed over ,000 paramilitaries from combat since 00 , and many more demobilizations are planned for this year.