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The national demobilization agency, CONADER, and the Ministry of Defense worked closely during the year with NGOs to demobilize and reintegrate children associated with armed groups.
"We look at each situation, whether it's a request to remain mobilized or a request to demobilize early.
How will we know when we have won, when we can return to our happy cocoon, safe from external threats, and therefore content to demobilize our armies, scrap our ships, and leave our airplanes to bake in the desert?
A government plan to demobilize 15,000 Cambodian soldiers within this year ended Wednesday in Kompong Thom Province in central Cambodia.
Austria had no doubt that Sardinia planned the unification of Italy by force and demanded on April 23, 1859, that Sardinia demobilize its troops.
This course of action is highly advisable for a nation under siege, but what would happen if the threat went away and someone at the top forgot to demobilize?
To improve its anti-trafficking efforts, the government should take steps to provide protective services to all types of trafficking victims found within the country; demobilize all child soldiers from its ranks, as well as those of aligned militias; and make a much stronger effort, through a comprehensive policy approach that involves all vested parties, to identify, retrieve, and reintegrate abductees.
He called on the United States to support the Burundian government's efforts to "demobilize, disarm and reintegrate rebel forces" and to pressure the government to fulfill its promises to restructure the government and implement economic reforms.