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DEMDepartment of Environmental Management
DEMDivision of Emergency Management
DEMDemonstration (File Name Extension)
DEMDiscrete Element Method (numerical simulation technique for particle dynamics problems)
DEMDepartment of Emergency Management (Texas)
DEMDeutsche Mark (former currency code; also seen as DM; replaced by EUR)
DEMDeus Ex Machina (Latin: God from the Machine)
DEMDigital Elevation Map
DEMDemurrage (shipping)
DEMDifferential Emission Measure
DEMDemostrativo (Spanish: Demonstration)
DEMDirect-Entry Midwife
DEMDiplôme d'Etudes Musicales (French: Diploma of Musical Studies)
DEMDon't Eat Me
DEMDynamic Enterprise Modeling
DEMData Encapsulation Mechanism (cryptography; see also Key Encapsulation Mechanism)
DEMDiabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism
DEMData Exchange Module (software engineering)
DEMDigital Elevation Matrix
DEMDembidollo, Ethiopia - Dembidollo (Airport Code)
DEMDigital Evaluation Model (mapping)
DEMDoor Eendracht Macht (Dutch)
DEMDynamic Estuary Model
DEMDepartment of Engineering Management
DEMDefect Estimation Model
DEMDiscrete Electromagnetism
DEMData Element Tool-Based Analysis
DEMDiagnostic Event Manager
DEMDigital Event Marker
DEMDeployment Extension Model
DEMData Expert Meeting
DEMDensity Evolution Model
DEMDistinguishable Electron Method
DEMDocument Evaluation Methodology
DEMDomain Executable Model
DEMDétresse des Enfants du Monde (French: Distress of Children of the World)
DEMDivision of Enrollment Management
DEMDécapages Emballages Métalliques (French: Stripping Metal Packaging)
DEMDose Efficace Moyenne (French: Average Effective Dose)
DEMDétection Électro-Magnétique (French: Electro-Magnetic Detection)
DEMDirect Email Marketing
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In most of the states where the bans did pass--South Carolina and Idaho being the exceptions--voters elected Democrats to major statewide offices anyway.
Rick Santorum lost to Democrat Robert Casey 59 percent to 41 percent, despite efforts by a group called the Pennsylvania Pastors Network to mobilize on behalf of Santorum.
Even though politicians should never be trusted to do what they say, irrespective of whether they are Republicans or Democrats, most of them will pay attention to their constituents rather than to the special interests--if enough of their constituents become informed and involved and keep the feet of their representatives to the fire.
Montana, where progressive Democrat Jon Tester has relentlessly hit Republican Conrad Burns for his connection to Jack Abramoff.
But among the true swing voters, those between the forty-yard lines, when they see a Democratic presidential nominee who is a Southerner, very likely having won statewide elections, there is an assumption of moderation, that the Southern Democrat is fairly centrist, and in those cases, the burden of proof is on Republicans to prove that the Southern Democrat is a hopeless and unrepentant liberal.
Ask students to discuss what they think it means for an individual to claim to be a Republican, Democrat, or independent.
And, while Cook County has traditionally provided the most Democratic support in the state, urban sprawl is also helping Democrats in the five collar counties.
The Senate Democrat proposal called for lower co-payments ($25 per month rather than $33 in the Republican plan) with no deductible (the House Republican plan had a $250 deductible) and drug cost coverage for enrollees after $2,000.
You can't have a repeat of House Democrat leaders trading tax votes for outrageous and blatant overspending.
When pundits and politicians give us their expert opinion about the battle between Republicans and Democrats in the November 7 congressional elections, they generally describe the opposing forces as occupying opposite sides of a giant political divide.
It's the race that could determine whether Democrats take control of the Senate; not coincidentally, it's easily going to be the most expensive race of the year.
Rendell, a Democrat, told her he needed every Democratic vote he could muster to sustain his veto in the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania Senate.
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