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Moreover, this demolition of the Tuileries now, would be not only a brutal deed of violence, which would make a drunken vandal blush--it would be an act of treason.
On one side the low brick houses had in their dusty windows the sightless, moribund look of incurable decay - empty shells awaiting demolition.
We walked slowly down the street, away from the town; the low garden walls of the modest villas doomed to demolition were overhung by the boughs of trees and masses of foliage, lighted from below by gas lamps.
No one, after that exemplary demolition of him, would have the hardihood to hint that the more the Circumlocution Office did, the less was done, and that the greatest blessing it could confer on an unhappy public would be to do nothing.
Oliver had not been within the walls of the workhouse a quarter of an hour, and had scarcely completed the demolition of a second slice of bread, when Mr.
It's a flagship event in the demolition calendar and a real opportunity for the industry to engage with key issues.
With the partial demolition of this building today, we mark a significant milestone in our commitment to this city," said Governor James E.
The metals market that made the steel recovered from the Nashville demolition project so valuable was a hot topic on the world stage at the BIR World Recycling Conference.
LANCASTER- A demolition crew began tearing down the Dunes Motor Hotel on Monday, razing the first of two low-rent hotels that city officials have deemed eyesores.
Request for Qualifications: building demolition services
DETROIT -- Detroit's four-time championship women's football team, The Detroit Demolition, has joined the Independent Women's Football League (IWFL), based in Austin, Texas, the team announced.
The National Federation of Demolition Contractors, which promotes the demolition industry in the United Kingdom, has released details of the amount of construction and demolition debris produced, processed and recycled last year.