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Moreover, this demolition of the Tuileries now, would be not only a brutal deed of violence, which would make a drunken vandal blush--it would be an act of treason.
Now, pet," said my guardian, "if it would not be irksome to you to admit the harmless little creature one afternoon before you save Boythorn's otherwise devoted house from demolition, I believe you would make her prouder and better pleased with herself than I-- though my eminent name is Jarndyce--could do in a lifetime.
On one side the low brick houses had in their dusty windows the sightless, moribund look of incurable decay - empty shells awaiting demolition.
We walked slowly down the street, away from the town; the low garden walls of the modest villas doomed to demolition were overhung by the boughs of trees and masses of foliage, lighted from below by gas lamps.
If any one had done the dwelling-house of Caleb Plummer the honour to miss it after such an inroad, it would have been, no doubt, to commend its demolition as a vast improvement.
Heritage advocates had condemned the PPA, Manila City Hall under Mayor Joseph Estrada, and Department of Public Works and Highways for the demolition.
Externalities of Public Housing: The Effect of Public Housing Demolitions on Local Crime," by Danielle H.
Asbestos removal and demolition of Hebburn Civic Centre and Swimming Pool for South Tyneside Council.
With over 20 years in the demolition industry, Andrew McDonald and his friendly team have been safely and successfully demolishing residential, commercial and industrial structures for customers in the Perth metropolitan area for many years.
In just a few weeks' time, the great and the good of the global demolition industry will gather in Amsterdam for the annual World Demolition Awards.
The proximity of the demolition site to residential housing (including the Olive Plaza apartments), the Eugene Public Library and the Lane Transit District downtown station raises significant potential health concerns.
In Al- Esawiyah, demolition of a house under construction of approximately 100 sq.