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DENDenver (ammunition cartridge headstamp)
DENDivision of Engineering (various organizations)
DENDenver Nuggets (basketball team)
DENDistance Education Network
DENDepartment of Energy
DENDenier (textiles; measuring unit for yarn; 1 gram per 9000 meters)
DENDengue Fever (flavivirus)
DENDiscovery Educator Network
DENDigital Entertainment Network
DENDocument Enabled Network
DENDispatch Enhanced Network
DENDigital Echo News
DENDigital Education Network
DENDirectory Enabled Network
DENDomestic Events Network
DENDocument Enabled Networking
DENDigital Enhanced Network
DENData Element Number
DENDenver, CO, USA - Denver International (Airport Code)
DENDictionary Entry Name
DENDewiek Elder Nation (gaming)
DENDoctor's Educational Need (UK)
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For an increasing labeling L of k plane forest F let post(L) denote the permutation obtained by reading L from right to left using post-order.
where [y.sub.k+1] = [{[y.sub.k+1,j]}.sub.i=1, ..., n] and [absolute value of [Y.sub.k+1]] denotes the number of the measurements at time k + 1.
Generally, [t.sub.k] denotes the overall sampling instant and all the data packets are assigned as serial numbers.
If and are vertices of a graph , then denotes the length of the shortest path between and .
The variables [[??].sub.Hi] and [[phi].sub.i] denote the output voltage vector of the ith H-bridge and the phase angle between the nearby voltage vectors, and [[??].sub.HN] denotes the vector of the fundamental component of the synthesized multilevel voltage, hence the ac-side output active and reactive power of the ith H-bridge inverter unit are derived as
where [d.sub.max] and [d] denote the maximum displacement and allowable displacement of designed structure respectively; [X.sub.min] and [X.sub.max] denote the upper limit and lower limit of design variable respectively and f(X) denotes the optimization objectives.
The "V" device represents valor and does not denote an additional award.
Let [x.sub.3] denote the game strategy of the operating department, f([x.sub.2], [x.sub.3]) denote the game function and u(x) denote the game utility, then:
Let h(K, x): [S.sup.n-1] [right arrow] R, denote the support function of K [member of] [K.sup.n]; i.e.
GOLD STAR Denotes subsequent awards of the same Navy decoration
2 is represented the electrical schema, where i denotes the alternative current intensity, I denotes the light intensity, and u denotes the photodiode voltage.