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DENSDiplôme de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure (French degree)
DENSDiploma of Engineering Studies (University of Southern Queensland; Australia)
DENSDrug Evaluation Network System (information system)
DENSDacorum Emergency Night Shelter (est. 1998; UK)
DENSDirected Energy Neutralization System
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PHOEBE, coming so suddenly from the sunny daylight, was altogether bedimmed in such density of shadow as lurked in most of the passages of the old house.
The strongest and most reliable hold which the ship has upon the whale when moored alongside, is by the flukes or tail; and as from its greater density that part is relatively heavier than any other (excepting the side-fins), its flexibility even in death, causes it to sink low beneath the surface; so that with the hand you cannot get at it from the boat, in order to put the chain round it.
It was a purely scientific research party sent out by my father's father, the Jeddak of Helium, to rechart the air currents, and to take atmospheric density tests," replied the fair prisoner, in a low, well-modulated voice.
The in-place density can be measured and compared to a laboratory maximum density.
Talk of the double density connector leads to talk of what Deutsch has been developing over the last year and which it has been releasing since showing the 14-64 connector--size 14 with 64 contacts--at a motorsport engineering expo in Orlando last December.
Medium-watt and low-watt density cartridge heaters for less demanding applications to 38 mm diam.
Thus, density at metamorphosis carried over into the terrestrial stage, simulating what occurs in nature and allowing us to quantify any density-mediated compensation.
Bulk density and porosity measurements can be easily made and can be very useful in developing meaningful interpretations of soil conditions for proper soil management.
Perpendicular recording allows hard drive manufacturers to put more bits of data on each square inch of disk space-called areal density or data density--because of magnetic geometry.
But when shown images of higher-density versus lower-density development, people often change their perceptions and prefer higher density.
After two years, there was no significant difference in breast density between the two groups.
C 729 Standard Test Method for Density of Glass by the Sink-Float Comparator