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DENTDemolition Events National Tour
DENTDedicated to Establishing National Teamwork (political action committee; Tampa, FL)
DENTDouble Edge Notch Tension (fracture mechanics)
DENTDedication Education Name Try (football player Richard Dent)
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What was the gallant grace of the Lynns, the languid elegance of Lord Ingram,--even the military distinction of Colonel Dent, contrasted with his look of native pith and genuine power?
Dent here bent over to the pious lady and whispered something in her ear; I suppose, from the answer elicited, it was a reminder that one of the anathematised race was present.
I should say the preference lies with you," responded Colonel Dent.
the pipe initial pressure, ratio of diameter to wall thickness, dent depth and diameter of indenter, on failure pressure were discussed in detail.
Dent added that increasing the grant threshold will give Washington state more flexibility to invest in high-priority projects.
The action of pressure cycling on a dent will eventually lead to the initiation of fatigue cracks, and ultimately failure, if not properly addressed.
Dent Zone, which provides private label and direct programmes for national automotive retailers, manufacturers, third party administrators and lenders, will continue to offer full administrative services for PDR and associated vehicle protection programs.
com are already underway and new user awareness guides from experts are already being added on what you need to know about paintless dent repair, hail damage repairs, and a step-by-step guide to collision repairs.
Mr Dent drew the jury's attention to one moment when the men gave each other a "high five".
HE was beating me upside the head," Floyd Dent, a 57-year-old longtime autoworker told a gaggle of reporters, according to The Detroit Free Press.
Dent fled the scene and later told a pal: "The f*** n*** deserved it.