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DGDigital Government
DGDelta Gamma
DGDirector General
DGDistributed Generation (natural gas)
DGDangerous Goods
DGDistrict Governor
DGDollar General (stock symbol)
DGDisc Golf
DGDirectorate-General (of the European Union Commission)
DGDeutsche Grammophon (classical music)
DGDiscussion Group
DGDirecteur Général (CEO)
DGDiego Garcia (various meanings)
DGDumfries and Galloway (UK)
DGDeep Green (US DoD; project)
DGDiesel Generator
DGDesign Guide (USACE)
DGDachgeschoss (German: attic)
DGData Group
DGDouble Glazing
DGDemand Generation
DGDentate Gyrus
DGDesign Guidelines
DGDefault Gateway (IT networking)
DGData Gathering
DGDirectoraat Generaal (Dutch: administration, subdivision of a ministry)
DGDrop Goal (rugby)
DGDrafting Group
DGDesktop Grid
DGDogfight (game)
DGDirecteur-Generaal (Dutch: general director)
DGDeputy Governor
DGDaisy Gardens (cartoons)
DGDelta Goodrem (singer)
DGDecomposed Granite
DGDisplay Generator
DGDirty Girl
DGDeutsche Genossenschaftsbank (German Bank; since 2001: DZ)
DGDevilish Grin
DGDelta Green (novel and a roleplay game)
DGDolce Gabana
DGDei Gratia (Latin: By the Grace of God)
DGDisplay Group
DGDigital Ground
DGDistinguished Guest
DGDistinguished Graduate
DGDeath Gratuity (US DoD)
DGDirty Goods
DGDirect Generation (electrical production)
DGDepth Gauges
DGDefense Guidance
DGDisturbed Gum (philately)
DGDown Guy (power pole)
DGDream Guy
DGDark Galaxy (online text-based strategy game)
DGDark Galaxy (online game)
DGDigital Gazetteer
DGDemocracy Game (Civilization)
DGDirectional Gyroscope
DGDistributed Queueing
DGDesert Glory (gaming)
DGDragonguard (gaming)
DGDouble Gaussian
DGDiode Gate
DGDirty Genitals
DGDuarte Galactosemia (hereditary disease)
DGDescent Gradient
DGDecision Gate
DGDifferential Generator
DGData General, Inc.
DGDramatists Guild of America, Inc
DGDragons Generation
DGDirks-Glaser Flugzeugbau (German glider manufacturer)
DGDesigned Globin (biochemistry)
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Effects of ADHD therapeutic agents, methylphenidate and atomoxetine, on hippocampal neurogenesis in the adolescent mouse dentate gyrus.
Colored region-of-interest boxes in the scanned image correspond to areas shown in (B through G) below (subiculum =blue, presubiculum = black, CA1 = green, and dentate gyrus =red).
Pappas, "Melatonin promotes neurogenesis in dentate gyrus in the pinealectomized rat," Journal of Pineal Research, vol.
Running increases cell proliferation and neurogenesis in the adult mouse dentate gyrus.
Prenatal stress diminishes neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus of juvenile rhesus monkeys.
001), between mediodorsal thalamus and dentate gyrus of the ventral hippocampus (r = .
Estrogen stimulates a transient increase in the number of new neurons in the dentate gyrus of the adult female rat.
Within the hippocampus the dentate gyrus and its accompanying CA3 neurons are one of the richest sources of stem cells in the brain.
Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a recent study found good correlations among exercise, neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus, cerebral blood volume, and cognition in mice and in humans (Pereira et al.
Different parts of the hippocampus have distinct histological and other specific features, for which reason and the more recent trend to divide the hippocampus into subiculum, cornu ammonis (CA1-CA3) and dentate gyrus may yield more consistent results.
The scientists set about trying to find compounds that might protect vulnerable growing neurons in the dentate gyrus, a key area of the hippocampus.
It is enclosed by the narrow, dark band of cells of the dentate gyrus.