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DVDigital Video
DVDomestic Violence
DVDaily Values (Nutrition Facts in US)
DVDivide (street type)
DVDeveloper (copier component)
DVDependent Variable
DVDick Vitale (sports personality)
DVDeath Valley (California)
DVDengue Virus
DVDiversity Visa (US Department of State)
DVDefault Value (computing)
DVDeus Vult (Latin: God Wills It)
DVDiverter Valve
DVDeja Vu
DVDatenverarbeitung (German: Data Processing and Programming)
DVDry Van (shipping/trucking container)
DVDéjà Vu (amusement park ride)
DVDoppler Velocity
DVDragon Valley (Lineage 2 game)
DVDepreciated Value
DVDesign Verification
DVDeluxe Version
DVDarth Vader
DVDistance Vector (routing protocol)
DVDisabled Veteran (various locations)
DVDemand for Validation (credit)
DVDeveloped Vetting
DVDeVry Inc. (stock symbol)
DVDesign Variable
DVDigestive Vacuole (microbiology)
DVDigito de Verificación (Spanish: Check Digit)
DVDeo Volente (Latin: God Willing)
DVDesign Validation
DVDisabled Vehicle
DVDirect Voltage
DVDistinguished Visitor
DVDifferential Velocity
DVDiminishing Value
DVData Valid
DVDemand Valve
DVDorsal Ventral (radiography)
DVDomiciliary Visit (health care)
DVDesktop Virtualization
DVDescent Vehicle
DVDark Vision (band)
DVDefensor Vinculi (Latin: Defender of the Bond; Catholic law)
DVDiscordant Veins
DVDaily Variation
DVDiversification Value
DVDriver's Viewer
DVDark Vengeance (computer game)
DVDarling Violetta (band)
DVDESQview Script (file name extension)
DVDéchêts Verts (French: Green Waste)
DVDisbursement Voucher
DVDesignated Verification (cryptography)
DVDelay Variance
DVDelivery Verification Certificate
DVDyesthetic Vulvodynia
DVDifferential Voltmeter
DVDisparity Vector
DVDirect Viewfinder (camera technology)
DVDecoy Vehicle
DVDevota Virgo (Latin: Devout Virgin, epigraphy)
DVDevotus Vir (Latin: Devout Man, epigraphy)
DVDarbellay-Vajda (algorithm)
DVDiis Volentibus (Latin: If the Gods Want, epigraphy)
DVDonec Vixit (Latin: Until He/She Lived, epigraphy)
DVDisident Voice (radical newsletter)
DVDeus Volent (Latin; God Willing)
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For the research corruption use as a dependent variable and financial development as a dependent variable.
Though, correlation and regression analyses of all the characteristics were found significant, but before developing regression models for the prediction of the dependent variables, a data normality test of the dependent variable was conducted to confirm whether simple linear regression can be used for the prediction of the dependent variable or not.
A simple regression has one independent variable paired with a dependent variable, while multiple regression can have two or more independent variables with a dependent variable.
(25) Table S11 reports the results from the FEP specification analogous to Equation (4) (the dependent variable is number of thefts, and I condition on good, port region, and time fixed effects) for thefts occurring close to one of the 20 largest U.S.
This was performed separately for each industry code and each dependent variable in our dataset.
For identification dependent variable is give support to establishing more private academies, which has two categories (Supporters 0, Non-supporters 1).
Regression between the independent variable (corporate image) and the dependent variable (quality of service) indicates that there is significant positive correlation between these two variables.
Regression is a method of statistical analysis through which, by the assignation of determined values to a dependent variable y and to one or more independent variables [x.sup.j] (j=1,...., m), a simple expression of the function that expresses the connection between them is sought.
Therefore, the inclusion of initial GDP on the right hand side incorporates some of the impact of oil on the dependent variable and may radically alter the coefficient of the oil abundance measure in the regression.
If a study examines the effects of a practice on two or more measures of the outcome of focus (e.g., two measures of reading fluency), each dependent variable is treated as a separate case when determining the overall effect of the study.
Table 4 shows the results of the regression model with cost of equity as a dependent variable.
The three dependent variables were (1) time for ETT insertion, (2) number of ETT redirections, and (3) ease of use rating by the AP immediately following each intubation.
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