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DPData Processing
DPDot Pitch
DPDoctor of Pharmacy
DPDouble Play
DPDiamond Pearl
DPDiamond and Pearl (Pokémon)
DPDeep (drafting)
DPDiploma Programme (International Baccaulerate)
DPDynamic Positioning
DPDynamic Programming
DPDirector of Photography (film & television)
DPDemocratic Party
DPDeep Purple (band)
DPDeath Penalty
DPDanny Phantom (TV show)
DPDemokrat Parti
DPData Protection
DPDual Processor
DPDana Point (Orange County, California)
DPDeep Penetration
DPDouble Penetration
DPDevelopment Plan
DPDouble Pole
DPDesktop Publishing (usually seen as DTP)
DPDinner Party
DPDigital Photographer
DPDays Prior
DPDr Pepper
DPDue Process
DPDepository Participant
DPDomestic Partner
DPDomestic Partnership
DPDistribution Point
DPDisplay Picture (internet chat)
DPDaft Punk (band)
DPDew Point
DPDemand Planning
DPData Package
DPDrowning Pool (band)
DPDisaster Preparedness
DPDomino's Pizza
DPDesign Professional
DPDesign Pressure
DPDetroit Pistons
DPDegree of Polymerization
DPDead Prez (band)
DPDeadly Poison (gaming)
DPDeath Proof (2007 movie)
DPDesign Phase
DPData Privacy
DPDustin Pedroia (baseball player)
DPDepersonalization (mental disorder)
DPDown Pipe
DPDélégué du Personnel (French: Staff Representatives; French labor law)
DPDigiPen (Institute of Technology)
DPDeputy President
DPDecimal Place(s)
DPDigital Projector
DPDrill Pipe (oil drilling)
DPDecision Point
DPData Pump
DPDonkey Punch
DPDear Prudence (Beatles song)
DPDrug Product (galenical formulation of an API active pharmaceutical ingredient)
DPDraft Proposal
DPDark Phoenix (gaming)
DPDefense Program
DPDistrito Policial (Police Precinct, Brazil)
DPDigital Processor (electronic circuitry)
DPDefense Programs (DOE)
DPDependency Property (Microsoft)
DPdynamic pressure
DPDeparture Procedure (navigation)
DPDramatic Performance (forensics)
DPDelivery Point
DPDeparture Point
DPDevelopment Proposal
DPRick DiPietro (hockey player)
DPDelhi Police
DPDomestic Problems (band)
DPDiesel Pump
DPDead Poetic (band)
DPDragon Punch (gaming)
DPDrop Point
DPDeputy Principal
DPDeception Point (book)
DPDistribution Plan
DPDomestic Preparedness
DPDocumentation Plan
DPDominion Post (West Virginia University newspaper)
DPDirector of Personnel (Air Force)
DPDissociated Press (programming)
dpDensity, Pressure
DPDemocracia Popular (Spanish: Popular Democracy)
DPDemarcation Point
DPDefense Points (gaming)
DPDiabetes Program
DPDeposited Plan (real estate)
DPDefensive Power (online gaming)
DPDesignated Port (Cisco)
DPDiametral Pitch
DPDefect Prevention
DPDrip Proof
DPDirector of Programs
DPDorsalis Pedis (artery)
DPDiesel Pusher (motorhome)
DPdecisive point (US DoD)
DPDistrict Park
DPDemocrazia Proletaria (Italian radical left wing party)
DPDisposal Procedures
DPDelta Pressure (change of pressure across a wall or membrane)
DPDeck Paint
DPDistinct Part (long term care unit of an acute hospital)
DPDynamic Planning
DPDye Penetrant
DPDocuments Against Payment
DPDynamic Priority (queue)
DPDirect Playback
DPDesignated Project
DPDisplay Processing
DPdry point
DPDeployment Period
DPDesignated Premises (UK)
DPDorset Police (UK)
DPDivision of Physics
DPDemonstration Plan
DPDance Point (gaming, Dance Dance Revolution)
DPDefinitely Promote
DPDihydroartemisinin-Piperaquine (pharmacology)
DPDel Playa Drive (Isla Vista, California)
DPDeluxe Packages
DPDoctor of Podiatry
DPDrop Policy (IEEE)
DPData Page Pointer
DPDesignated Parts
DPDynamically Position
DPDaemon Prince (Warhammer game)
DPDirector's Policy
DPDefective Pricing
DPDyson Perrins Laboratory (Oxford University Organic Chemistry Laboratory)
DPDigital Pain (Quake World Team Fortress, Quake 1 Mod)
DPDefensive Planning
DPDesignated Parks
DPDigital Purgatory (web comic)
DPDice Pool (gaming)
DPBy Direction of the President
DPDistributed Periphery (Profibus-Siemens)
DPDynamic Propagation
DPDust Palliative
DPDirch Passer (Danish stand up comedian)
DPData Systems Interoperability Panel
DPDispersion Pistol (Unreal 1)
DPDisplaced Person
DPDevelopment Project
DPDiagnostic Processor
DPDynamite Planted (gaming community)
DPDigital Pandemic (website)
DPDonator Pack (HoboWars, gaming)
DPDivine Prophet
DPDigital Photography
DPDisposal of Plutonium
DPDwell Point
DPDismount Point
DPDummy Pull (parachuting, skydiving)
DPDaxin Petroleum
DPDigital Performer (audio software)
DPParachute drift
DP(USN Rating) Data-Processing Technician
DPDigipak (CD packaging)
DPDirectorate for Policy Support (DIA) (US DoD)
DPDirect Path
DPDistrict Parliamentarian (Toastmasters)
DPDomain Polymorphic (genetic code)
DPAir Force component plans officer (staff) (US DoD)
DPDecision Paper/Package
DPDifferential Pressure
DPDevelopmental Processor
DPDomain Polymorphic
DPDynamic Planner CSCI
DPDigital Preservation
DPDirty Pair (Anime)
DPDistributed Proofreaders (Project Gutenberg)
DPAlexandro Del Piero (soccer player)
DPDivine Principle
DPDivine Purpose (band)
DPDisplay Processor
DPDistribution Panel
DPDiplomatic Pouch (online magazine about the board game Diplomacy)
DPDirect Bank Pointer (computer programming)
DPDynamic Producer
DPDouble Post (online forums)
DPDistributed Processor
DPDiffusion Pump
DPDevelopment Prototype
DPDichroic Prism (Optics)
DPDial Pulse
DPDiet Pepsi
DPDate Party
DPDaytona Prototype (racing car)
DPDivision des Personnels (French: Division of Personnel)
DPDiscussion Paper (various organizations)
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Carlson and Thompson (1995) reported teachers of older students experienced higher levels of depersonalization and lower levels of personal accomplishment, and Weber and Toffler (1989) found student age predicted increases in emotional exhaustion.
We added a path from Depersonalization to Emotional Exhaustion (MI = 29.
The MBI consists of 22 statements of feelings related to work and involves three independent aspects of the burnout syndrome: emotional exhaustion (9 items), the personal accomplishment (8 items), and depersonalization (5 items).
Conversely, they report that depersonalization is strongly correlated with job satisfaction and moderately correlated with turnover intention.
Examining the relationship between gratitude and burnout among high school teachers in Hong Kong, Chan (2010) found that dispositional gratitude was negatively related to depersonalization and emotional exhaustion, and that life satisfaction and positive affect improved for participants in an eight-week gratitude intervention.
Sample items were "I feel emotionally drained from my work" for emotional exhaustion, "I don't care what happens to some clients" for depersonalization, and "I have accomplished many worthwhile things at work" for personal accomplishment.
Similarly, pre-college teachers reported a higher level of depersonalization (M = 3.
Thus, neuroticism shows positive relations with emotional exhaustion and depersonalization and negative relations with personal accomplishment (Cano-Garcia, Padilla-Munoz, & Carrasco-Ortiz, 2005; Kokkinos, 2007).
This instrument consists of the following three dimensions: emotional exhaustion (9 items), depersonalization (5 items), and reduced personal accomplishment (8 items) with a seven-point Likert scale from 0 (never) to 6 (every day).
For example, Nakamura, Hagase, Yoshida, and Ogino (1999) found that depersonalization (one of the dimensions of burnout) was associated with diminished cellular immunity.
Majority of studies have confirmed that job dissatisfaction is one of the most significant factors contributing to the burnout syndrome (Cam O'2001) Negative correlation between job satisfaction, emotional exhaustion, and depersonalization, and the positive correlation between job satisfaction and reduced personal accomplishment have also already been confirmed in some previous studies (Hudek et al.
Overcoming depersonalization disorder; a mindfulness and acceptance guide to conquering feelings of numbness and unreality.