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DEPData Execution Prevention (computer security)
DEPDepartment of Environmental Protection
DEPdeployed (US DoD)
DEPDillinger Escape Plan (band)
DEPDiethyl Phthalate
DEPDescanse En Paz (Spanish: Rest in Peace)
DEPDirection de l'Education Permanente (French: Department of Further Education; est. 1974)
DEPDébit Expiratoire de Pointe (French: peak expiratory flow)
DEPDistributed Engineering Plant
DEPDisability Education Program (Australia)
DEPDisplaced Employee Program
DEPData Entry Panel
DEPDesert Eagle Pistol
DEPDisability Equality Partnership (UK)
DEPDesign and Engineering Practice
DEPDistal Embolic Protection (cardiology)
DEPDisney's Electrical Parade
DEPDroit de l'Environnement dans la Pratique (French)
DEPDevelopment Education Programme
DEPDeaf Empowerment Program
DEPDeflection Error Probable
DEPData Encryption Peripheral
DEPDraft Equipment Publication
DEPDefense Enterprise Program
DEPData Encryption Processor
DEPDelayed Enlistment/Entry Program (US DoD)
DEPDomestic Emergency Preparedness (FEMA)
DEPDegressive Error Protection (algorithm)
DEPDirectory Enabled Provisioning
DEPDivision des Etudes et de la Prospective (French: Division of Studies and Forecasting)
DEPDocument Enterprise Platform
DEPDistributed Engineering Plan
DEPDual Element Pump
DEPDesign External Pressure
DEPDevelopment and Environmental Project (Tanzania)
DEPDescending Evoked Potential (neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring)
DEPDimanche de l'Eglise Persécutée (French: Sunday of the Persecuted Church)
DEPDevelopment Education Project
DEPDisease Education Program (various organizations)
DEPDivision de l'Enseignement Privé (French: Division of Private Education)
DEPDipartimento de Economia Politica (Italian: Department of Economic Policy)
DEPDepth-Of-Field Exposure Program (Canon)
DEPDiagnostic Environnement Prévention (French: Environment Prevention Diagnostics)
DEPDivision des Établissements Privés (French: Private Institutions Division)
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The following personnel and resources have been deployed to Florida to assist in Hurricane Irma response and recovery:
civilians and local-national employees deployed from their home stations in Mannheim and Bremerhaven, Germany, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and to assist deploying units in their own unit areas and designated predeployment staging area locations.
This may be due to new variants that are released or more commonly because enterprises have not deployed the new signatures or patches in order to be protected against the specific attack.
Pioneering tactics for the new aircraft, VS-21 deployed to WESTPAC on Princeton (CVS 37) in January 1956.
SK1 Mitchell Bohn from NR Commander, Naval Air Forces Pacific Supply 0294 deployed to Naval Coastal Warfare Group 1, Kuwait.
If the air bags haven't deployed, as we have seen in some circumstances, it is a cause for concern; the catastrophic failure of an air bag could cause emergency responders to be hurt while they're doing their job.
With bases around the world actively engaged in combat operations, the US Air Force relies upon robust, mobile and easily deployed communications to ensure the quick and accurate execution of missions.
Since September 11, thousands have been serving for long stretches, far from home, to meet the country's growing homeland-security requirements and to fill in the gaps left by active-duty soldiers deployed elsewhere in the world.
START limits are based on "warheads attributed to deployed ICBMs, deployed SLBMs [submarine-launched ballistic missiles], and deployed bombers.
Calix has deployed millions of ports and tens of thousands of systems into hundreds of service provider networks throughout North America.
With the exception of the FRS, every unit under the MAG has deployed numerous times in support of combat operations.
As an organization's SRM requirements grow and additional SRM modules are deployed to address new storage pain points, the frame-work must support a management of all deployed modules from a centralized console.
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