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DEPData Execution Prevention (computer security)
DEPDepartment of Environmental Protection
DEPdeployed (US DoD)
DEPDillinger Escape Plan (band)
DEPDiethyl Phthalate
DEPDescanse En Paz (Spanish: Rest in Peace)
DEPDirection de l'Education Permanente (French: Department of Further Education; est. 1974)
DEPDébit Expiratoire de Pointe (French: peak expiratory flow)
DEPDistributed Engineering Plant
DEPDisability Education Program (Australia)
DEPDisplaced Employee Program
DEPData Entry Panel
DEPDesert Eagle Pistol
DEPDisability Equality Partnership (UK)
DEPDesign and Engineering Practice
DEPDistal Embolic Protection (cardiology)
DEPDisney's Electrical Parade
DEPDroit de l'Environnement dans la Pratique (French)
DEPDevelopment Education Programme
DEPDeaf Empowerment Program
DEPDeflection Error Probable
DEPData Encryption Peripheral
DEPDraft Equipment Publication
DEPDefense Enterprise Program
DEPData Encryption Processor
DEPDelayed Enlistment/Entry Program (US DoD)
DEPDomestic Emergency Preparedness (FEMA)
DEPDegressive Error Protection (algorithm)
DEPDirectory Enabled Provisioning
DEPDivision des Etudes et de la Prospective (French: Division of Studies and Forecasting)
DEPDocument Enterprise Platform
DEPDistributed Engineering Plan
DEPDual Element Pump
DEPDesign External Pressure
DEPDevelopment and Environmental Project (Tanzania)
DEPDescending Evoked Potential (neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring)
DEPDimanche de l'Eglise Persécutée (French: Sunday of the Persecuted Church)
DEPDevelopment Education Project
DEPDisease Education Program (various organizations)
DEPDivision de l'Enseignement Privé (French: Division of Private Education)
DEPDipartimento de Economia Politica (Italian: Department of Economic Policy)
DEPDepth-Of-Field Exposure Program (Canon)
DEPDiagnostic Environnement Prévention (French: Environment Prevention Diagnostics)
DEPDivision des Établissements Privés (French: Private Institutions Division)
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In order to avoid the brewing cyber security storm an Internal Network Defense device needs to be deployed.
The squadron transferred to CVW-9 in March 1976 and deployed to WESTPAC on Constellation (CV 64), followed by a transfer to CVW-15 and a June 1979 WESTPAC deployment on Kitty Hawk (CV 63).
LT Chris Castleberry from NCHB1 deployed to CMPF and 2D FSSG FWD, Camp Patriot, Kuwait.
Deployed communications troops simply connect the VBrick appliance to a video source - ranging from video surveillance feeds to satellite television - and plug the VBrick into the high-capacity TDC IP network.
But McGirr has another problem: As an MP, his specialty is among those most heavily in demand in the military today, which means he gets deployed again and again.
The treaty requires Russia to cut up each deployed SS-18 under the watchful eyes of U.
Dale Wronko, deployed to the Southeastern Turkish port of Iskenderun where they assisted the 1186th Transportation Terminal Brigade, an Army Reserve unit from Jacksonville, Fla.
Chick said that in assessing the impact of where officers are deployed, people in the Valley should not dismiss the benefits they derive from having officers deployed in other areas of the city.
Alvarion's high capacity deployed network supports voice and broadband and is capable of meeting the mobility required by our customers, meeting a significant differentiator for CWI.
Separated by time and distance, members of the DST from Hawaii, Japan and Okinawa deployed to Camp Hialeah in Korea to join forces with their team members in Pusan for the three-day exercise early February.
are deployed over several general-purpose servers [Primary Domain Controller (PDC) and Backup Domain Control (BDC)] with line of business applications residing on dedicated application servers (Exchange, SQL Server, IIS, etc.
Of the 511 organizations surveyed, 17% have iSCSI SANs deployed in a production environment.
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