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DERIDigital Enterprise Research Institute
DERIDiabetes Epidemiology Research International (research study)
DERIDefence Evaluation and Research Institute (South Africa)
DERIDépannages, Entretien, Rénovation, Installations (French building renovation company)
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Researchers found that each female brain had nerve cells containing a Y chromosome, presumably derived from the transplanted bone marrow.
The resulting 60 selected families per treatment were sorted into three classes by maturity: early, medium, and late, and these maturity classes were retained for the families and their derived lines for the remainder of the experiment.
Seventy-five percent of copper from scrap refining was derived from old scrap sources in 1999.
Derived from purified capsular polysacchride antigens conjugated to diphtheria protein, meningococcal protein, or tetanus protein.
At least 95% of the REIT's income must be derived from these sources plus dividends, interest and capital gains from the sale of stock and securities.
That section would make it easier for accountants who are concerned now, for instance, which quarters in the laundry room are derived from renters and technically subject to tax.
Cardiomyocytes derived from Axiogenesis' iPS cell lines maintain physiologically-relevant biology, purity, and spontaneous beating for longer than 28 days.
"After transplantation, the circulating placenta-derived ECFCs formed significantly more blood vessels in vivo than the ECFCs derived from umbilical cord blood, indicating not only that there are inherent functional differences between resident and circulating ECFC populations, but that the placenta-derived cells are more vasculogenic," Murphy noted.
Prochazka presented results of a clinical study with bone marrow derived cells and preliminary follow up of the adipose registry study.
DHA supplements for vegans and vegetarians are derived from microalgae.
Cytori Therapeutics carries out research focusing on stem and regenerative cells derived from adipose tissue, commonly known as fat.
One issue addressed by the proposed regulations relates to the time when an interest is established or derived. Prop.