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DFDistrito Federal (Spanish: Federal District)
DFData Frame
DFDairy Free
DFDisk Free
DFDistrito Federal (Brazil)
DFDelta Force (Novalogic military combat game)
DFDrug Free
DFDwarf Fortress (video game)
DFDansk Folkeparti
DFDirection Finder
DFDegree of Freedom
DFLa Documentation Française (France)
DFDual Frequency
DFDon't Fragment
DFDead Fish
DFDirection Flag
DFDrinking Fountain (various companies)
DFDiesel Fuel
DFDisk Farm
DFDelay Fuse
DFDodd-Frank (finance law)
DFDragon Force (band)
DFDietary Fiber
DFDengue Fever
DFDarkfall (game)
DFDong Feng (Asia automobile manofacturer)
DFDouglas Fir
DFDistraction Free (web browser extension)
DFData Field
DFDead Frontier
DFDecision Feedback
DFDarkness Falls (Dark Age of Camelot online game)
DFDissipation Factor
DFDirt Farmer
DFDivine Forces (gaming; Runescape clan)
DFDark Forces (LucasArts game)
DFDefence Forces (Irish Army)
DFDerek Fisher (NBA Player)
DFDavid Farrell (composer)
DFDragonfable (online game)
DFDouble Feature
DFDestination Field
DFData Fusion
DFDilution Factor
DFDesign Feature
DFDigital Forensics
DFDobbs Ferry (New York)
DFDepth Finder
DFDown Forward (video game)
DFDisposal Facility
DFDiscount Factor
DFDean of the Faculty
DFDesign Flow
DFDemocratic Front (India)
DFDeep Forest (band)
DFDungeon Family (Collection of Bands)
DFDog Fight (air-to-air combat)
DFDuty Factor
DFDedicated File
DFDrilling Fluid
DFDioxins and Furans
DFDespair Faction (website)
DFDamage Free
DFDisposition Form
DFDistricto Federal
DFDarling Fiancee
DFDelivery Function
DFDark Future (role playing game)
DFDegree Fahrenheit
DFDermatofibroma (skin tumor)
DFDistribution Frame
DFDefender of the Faith
DFDeep Freezer (storage and preservation)
DFDeuterium Fluoride
DFDifference Frequency
DFDigital Fortress (book)
DFDefensive Fire
DFDistance Formula
DFDensity Factor
DFDecode and Forward
DFDistriktsidrottsförbund (Swedish Gymnastics Federation)
DFDevice Flag
DFDiamond Frame (bicycle)
DFDead Fantasy (anime)
DFDigital Fingerprint
DFDynaFlat (Samsung monitor)
DFDouble Flag
DFDeblocking Filter
DFDecontamination Factor
DFDielectric Film
DFDose Factor
DFDestroyer Flotilla
DFDevelopment Flight
DFData Formatter
DFDead Freight
DFDispersion Factor
DFDecimation Factor
DFDirect Fulfillment (contract manufacturer sends product directly to the customer)
DFDead Files
DFDelivery Facility (Canada Post)
DFDelay Fault
DFDuplex Filter
DFDark Falz (Phantasy Star Online boss, gaming)
DFDynamic Flux
DFDanske Folkedanseres (Denmark)
DFDie Famous
DFDark Friend
DFDynamo Field (automotive electronics)
DFDark Faction (video game)
DFDimensional Fact (data warehouse model)
DFDouble Feeder
DFDissociation Factor (chemistry)
DFThe Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall (computer game)
DFDuelField (online game)
DFDelay Fuze
DFDemodulation Filter
DFDrainage Frequency
DFDhammakaya Foundation
DFDroopy Flange
DFDuck Farm, Inc.
DFDysfunctional Fighters (gaming clan)
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Follicular basal cell hyperplasia overlying dermatofibroma.
12) Recurrent dermatofibroma, hypertrophic scars, keloid, skin manifestations of myofibroblastoma, metaplastic carcinoma, and fibromatosis are the most potential clinical differential diagnoses for DFSP tumors.
The other tumors rarely seen were dermatofibroma, atypical fibroxanthoma and Kaposi's sarcoma and actinic Keratosis.
Dermatofibroma is a common benign mesenchymal tumor composed of fibroblastic and histiocytic cells.
Rex skeleton at the American Museum of Natural History in New York to inquire about a dermatofibroma on his leg.
Dermatofibroma frequently shows giant cells and hemosiderin deposition.
5) The lesions of histoid leprosy thus closely resembles dermatofibroma and other histiocytic and fibrotic tumours.
CD34 positivity in Spindle cell tumour more favoring diagnosis of Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans which is helpful in diagnosing DFSP and distinguishing it from other tumours like dermatofibroma, benign fibrous histiocytoma etc.
5 Other pigmented nonmelanocytic lesions included in another study were seborrheic keratosis, solar lentigo, dermatofibroma and hemangioma.
The mole's appearance didn't worry the physician, who described it in his notes as either a hemangioma or dermatofibroma.
This tumor should be considered in the differential diagnosis of head and neck lesions, which includes sebaceous cyst, implantation dermoid, neurofibroma, dermatofibroma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, pilomatrixoma, and histiocytoma.
Clinicamente el diagnostico diferencial del MM incluye varias enfermedades: carcinoma basocelular pigmentado, nevos azules, nevos melanociticos displasicos y dermatofibroma.