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DSCRDefense Supply Center Richmond
DSCRDebt Service Coverage Ratio
DSCRDown Syndrome Critical Region
DSCRDélégation à la Sécurité et à la Circulation Routières (French: Delegation to the Security and the Road Traffic)
DSCRDaylesford Spa Country Railway (museum; Victoria, Australia)
DSCRDefault Servicing Customer Relations
DSCRDoDIIS (Department of Defense Intelligence Information System) System Compliance Registry (database; US DoD)
DSCRDouble-Sided Correlated Rician (communications channel)
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Meaning of various clipped words in this article Abbreviation Meaning S number of data bits per subcarrier N number of the OFDM symbols [R.sub.CC] code rate of convolutional code [R.sub.RS] code rate of RS code [N.sub.T] number of threads per block [N.sub.SM] number of SMs in the GPU [N.sub.TR] [N.sub.T] limited by register count [N.sub.TS] [N.sub.T] limited by shared memory [N.sub.TM] maximum threads per block M number of coded bits in each sub-carrier [N.sub.B] number of blocks IS input signal OS output signal SC scrambler CE convolutional encoder SY synchronizer VD Viterbi decoder DS descrambler XOR exclusive or Table 2.
Tim Morell, a member of the section's Computer Law Committee, noted that DirecTV recently shut down a Web site that sold descrambler boxes that allowed buyers to decode the DirecTV signal without paying the company.
Hansen stated that in addition to the federal ban, 30 states have made it illegal to possess a cable descrambler, and in 27 states, it is unlawful to advertise them.
The decoder incorporates a descrambler for signals scrambled with the Invert |G.sub.2~ algorithm.
The office is equipped with a descrambler for a small satellite outdoors, a fax machine, two computers, two printers and two telephones.
As with a coded TV signal coming through a descrambler, the blurred image of a star can be descrambled if you know exactly how the scrambling was done.
The computer security/computer virus relationship is analogous to the cable television/cable television descrambler relationship.