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descDefense Energy Support Center
descDroits Économiques, Sociaux et Culturels (French: Economic, Social and Cultural Rights)
descDiplômes d'Etudes Spécialisées Complémentaires (French: Additional Specialized Diploma)
descDesktop Connection
descDefense Electronics Supply Center
descDetroit Executive Service Corps (Michigan)
descDistrict Explorer Scout Commissioner (UK)
descDiscovery Expedition of St. Charles (St. Charles, MO)
descDubai English Speaking College (United Arab Emirates)
descDrainage Erosion and Sediment Control
descDigital Equation Solving Computer
descDeutscher Email Schach Club (German Email Chess Club)
descDesign and Evaluation Services for Clients (petroleum industry)
descDanish Equal Status Council (Denmark)
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Don't you see, the description which you have there has a singular resemblance to an honest man?"
How frequent and how vivid are his descriptions of the inanimate background of human life--buildings, interiors of rooms, and the rest?
"Look back at the description: 'Hair cut rather short, clean shaven, with the exception of narrow half-whiskers.' The wretch was safe from pursuit; he had ample time at his disposal--don't you see how he could completely alter the appearance of his head and face?
"And Arnold answers it," said Blanche--as a still stronger instance of the provoking vagueness of the description.
After a whole day spent in this employment, he would return about nightfall with several cocoanut shells filled with different descriptions of kelp.
Is there anything more drowsy than his description of the abode of sleep:
Her nose was exactly regular, and her mouth, in which were two rows of ivory, exactly answered Sir John Suckling's description in those lines:--
Although some who have travelled in Asia and Africa have given the world their descriptions of crocodiles and hippopotamus, or river- horse, yet as the Nile has at least as great numbers of each as any river in the world, I cannot but think my account of it would be imperfect without some particular mention of these animals.
I shall confine myself to a cursory review of the remaining powers comprehended under this third description, to wit: to regulate commerce among the several States and the Indian tribes; to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin; to provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the current coin and secureties of the United States; to fix the standard of weights and measures; to establish a uniform rule of naturalization, and uniform laws of bankruptcy, to prescribe the manner in which the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of each State shall be proved, and the effect they shall have in other States; and to establish post offices and post roads.
But I will not weary the reader with a description of that long morning and of the longer afternoon.
His acquittal was complete, his friendship warmly honoured, a lively interest excited for his friend, and his description of the fine country about Lyme so feelingly attended to by the party, that an earnest desire to see Lyme themselves, and a project for going thither was the consequence.
First he told her there was entirely too much description in the story.