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I recall that one man, who seemed to have been designated by the others to look after my political destiny, came to me on several occasions and said, with a good deal of earnestness: "We wants you to be sure to vote jes' like we votes.
This other Musketeer formed a perfect contrast to his interrogator, who had just designated him by the name of Aramis.
The only English name, by which he has hitherto been designated, is that of the fishers -- Right-Whale Porpoise, from the circumstance that he is chiefly found in the vicinity of that Folio.
The causes of the occurrence of words require somewhat different treatment according as the object designated by the word is sensibly present or absent.
Designated Zones are the areas that meet the conditions stated in the Cabinet Decision No.
The Ministry said in a statement on Thursday: "Although Designated Zones are part of the UAE territory, for VAT purposes, they are treated as being outside the UAE.
com/designated-survivor-spoilers-what-happened-episode-8-results-spoiler-going-die-2453194) Designated Survivor " got a full-season pickup order by ABC.
The San Antonio Water System ( SAWS ) is soliciting bids from vendors to provide labor, materials, equipment, supervision and all work necessary to clean and internally televise designated wastewater collection system pipelines 24 inches in diameter and larger, to conduct a sonar inspection of designated mains larger than 48 inches in diameter, to clean and conduct a post-cleaning sonar inspection of designated siphons, to conduct a sonar inspection of designated siphons to quantify the amount of debris, to conduct a television inspection of designated siphon air bypass mains, to clean and inspect designated manholes and structures, and record the condition of the inspected assets.
A slip-and-fall accident in an insured's parking lot that is attached to the insured's designated premises would likely be covered.
The program encourages adults nationwide to sign up to be designated drivers at the social networking site www.
The waiver request is being made by Methodist Hospital, of Henderson, KY to enter into an agreement with a designated OPO other than in the OPO designated service area in which the hospital is located.