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DESData Encryption Standard (US)
DESDepartment of Environmental Services (New Hampshire)
DESDescription (File Name Extension)
DESDepartment of Emergency Services (Australia)
DESDepartment of Education and Science
DESDestroyer (short form)
DESDiplôme d'Etudes Secondaires (French: High School Diploma; Canada)
DESDiscrete-Event Simulation
DESDiplôme d'Etudes Supérieures (French: Higher Education Diploma)
DESDrug Eluting Stent
DESDelivered Ex Ship (shipping)
DESDiplôme d'Études Spécialisées (French: Higher Education)
DESDry Eye Syndrome (aka Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca)
DESDiscrete Event System
DESDisability Evaluation System (US military)
DESDetached-Eddy Simulation
DESDirector of Emergency Services
DESDirectorate of Emergency Services
DESDisaster and Emergency Services
DESDepartment of Employment Services
DESDietary Energy Supply (Refers to number of calories consumed daily per person)
DESDeep Ecliptic Survey (astronomy)
DESDivision of Emergency Services (FEMA)
DESDivision of Earth Sciences
DESDisaster Emergency Services (FEMA)
DESDissociative Experience Scale (human psychology)
DESDivision of Engineering Services (Indian Health Service; US DHHS)
DESDraft European Standard
DESDivision of Environmental Services
DESDestination End System
DESDraft Environmental Statement
DESData Entry Sheet
DESDivision of Environmental Sciences
DESDirection des établissements de Santé (French; Senegal)
DESDivision of Economic Support (Wisconsin)
DESData Element Standardization
DESDigital Encryption System(s)
DESDysequilibrium Syndrome
DESDirectorate of Evaluation and Standardization
DESDelaware Engineering Society
DESDepartamento de Economia da Saúde (Portugese, Brazil)
DESDiabetes Education Society
DESDiploma in English Studies
DESDoppler Echocardiography Study
DESDoctor of Environmental Studies
DESDrilling Equipment Set (oil industry)
DESDigital Electronic Signal
DESDistributed End System
DESDental Equipment Set
DESDynamic Environmental Scan
DESData Extraction Segment
DESDewar Elementary School (Valdosta, GA)
DESDigital Echo Suppressor
DESData Entry Specification
DESDismounted Entry Switch
DESDigital Extend Signal
DESDigital Electronic Switch
DESDifferential Evolution Strategy
DESDebt Elimination Specialists LLC
DESData Enhancement System (NASA)
DESData Erased Systematically
DESDi-2-Ethylhexel Sebecate
DESDynamic Electronic Systems (Houston, TX)
DESDealer Evaluation System
DESData Editing Subsystem
DESDistribution and Execution System (Army)
DESDigital Electronics Sub-System
DESDOSECC (Drilling, Observation and Sampling of the Earth's Continental Crust) Exploration Services, LLC (Salt Lake City, UT)
DESDigital Elevation Model
DESDigital Enterprise Solutions (China)
DESDiebold Election Systems (now Premier Election Solutions)
DESDynamic Energy Saver (computing)
DESDisability Equality Scheme (UK)
DESDivision of Employment Security (various locations)
DESData Exchange Software (various organizations)
DESDigital Education Services (various organizations)
DESDocument Exchange Server (software; Kofax)
DESDelta Energy Systems (power supplies; Delta Group)
DESDepartment of Economic Security (Arizona)
DESDevelopment and Engineering Services (various locations)
DESDepartment of Educational Studies (various schools)
DESDéclaration Européenne de Services (French: European Declaration of Services; EU)
DESDistance Education System
DESDouble Edged Sword (gaming clan)
DESDepartment of Economics and Statistics (various locations)
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FINRA warns that while some financial designationsinvolve "fairly rigorous standards" to earn and maintain the designation, allow investors to verify the status of anyone claiming to hold that designation and a few even have a formal disciplinary process, others are relatively easy to earn and might be maintained by simply paying a yearly fee.
Qualified applicants for a Veterans Designation include those who have received a Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty/DD214 or equivalent, for service in the United States Armed Forces, including a reserve component, or the National Guard who were discharged or released from such service under conditions other than dishonorable.
The Society of Certified Senior Advisors, which offers the "certified senior advisor" designation, expects to meet Massachusetts' accreditation requirements, even though it disagrees they are needed, spokesman Dan Banbom says.
Description: This designation is awarded to attorneys, chartered life underwriters, certified public accountants, certified trust and financial advisers, chartered financial consultants and certified financial planners.
Fish and Wildlife Service to expand its designation of ``critical'' toad habitat, which was cut from 478,000 acres proposed in 2000 to 11,695 acres designated in April.
This process is considered vital for the credibility of the CRM designation because of the constantly changing professional challenges that records managers face.
The EMEA grants orphan drug designation to medicinal products based upon several criteria: the life-threatening and debilitating nature of the condition; the medical plausibility of the proposed orphan indication; a prevalence in Europe of less than 5 cases for each 10,000 of population; and the lack of a satisfactory method of diagnosis, prevention or treatment or, if such method exists, the medicinal product will be of significant benefit to those affected by that condition.
The NRSRO designation itself may be a barrier to entry, in that new entrants cannot be nationally recognized because companies naturally gravitate to the current group of raters.
the same IS6110-pattern designation for isolates with more than six IS6110 bands or the same IS6110 pattern and spoligotype for isolates with six or fewer IS6110 bands, were defined as genotype clusters.
In a lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado, the Appraisal Institute contended that Horan's use of the SRA designation was likely to cause confusion and deceive the public, misleading actual and prospective purchasers of real estate appraisal services as to the true affiliation or approval of his services and diluting the distinctive quality of the SRA designation, all in violation of federal law.
We are worried that the AICPA will be the only reprimanding agency in the United States for this new designation and it remains to be seen how the disciplinary actions will be handled around the world.
The awarding of the designation is based upon a "point system" that is designed to allow for flexibility of entry into the program by both newer and seasoned CPA IT professionals.