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DJDisc Jockey
DJDow Jones
DJDavid Jones (Australian store)
DJDear John (break up letter)
DJDon Juan
DJDust Jacket (book condition)
DJDust Jacket (hardbound books)
DJDigital Jukebox (Dell)
DJDeskJet (Hewlett Packard)
DJDerek Jeter (baseball player)
DJDustin Johnson (golfer)
DJDennis Johnson (multiple athletes)
DJDistrict Judge
DJDigital Journalist
DJDale Jarrett (Nascar driver)
DJDonna Jo (TV sitcom Full House)
DJKim Dae Jung (Korean president)
DJDinner Jacket
DJDirt Jumping (cycling)
DJDavey Jones (locker)
DJDead Journal
DJVirgin Blue Airlines (Australia; flight number prefix)
DJDeclaratory Judgment (judicial ruling)
DJDigital Jockey
DJDeterministic Jitter
DJDark Jedi (gaming clan)
DJDeutsche Jugend (German Youth)
DJDesk Jockey (bureaucrat)
DJDrill Jig
DJDae Jung Kim (Korean president)
DJDeceptive Jamming
DJDistributed Jamming
DJDistributed JANUS
DJDirector of Journals
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MacDonald grew up as an itinerant military brat and had a desk jockey air force officer for a father, like her fictional counterpart Madeline.
Nonetheless, he prides himself on being a field marshal, rather than a desk jockey.
Colonel has turned out to be just another spare-time desk jockey.
It is worrying to see suggestions that manual and white collar workers might have different retirement ages, for many in the productive sector the roles are blurred and who will arbitrate, some desk jockey without a clue of this sector?
I was a young desk jockey in the old Welsh Office in Cathays Park.
The lovely Anne Hathaway is the film's only redeeming feature but even she does not make it worth sitting through this tale of desk jockey Smart (Steve Carell) becoming a real agent and chasing nuclear-thieving bad guys.
I was aching for a couple of days last time because I'm a desk jockey, not a laborer," Sohm said.
Now they're learning terms like "battle rattle," and the term desk jockey is a distant memory as it becomes obsolete for the rest of the Air Force.
Ben Affleck fills the role previously played by Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin and in 2002 he's only 28 and the cocky young new boy at the CIA - and still just a desk jockey.
After 20 years in racing stables, Britain's best-known groom is now a desk jockey in offices in Newbury town centre.