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DETECTNorth Carolina Disease Event Tracking and Epidemiologic Collection Tool (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Chapel Hill, NC)
DETECTDublin East Treatment and Early Care Team (psychosis early intervention; Ireland; est. 2006)
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The flexibility of detect switches is paramount to meeting the many requirements of an application.
DxS has developed a range of tumour analysis products that detect mutations in EGFR, RAS, RAF and other genes associated with cancer drug responses.
This is not a fraud system, per se; however, it enhances our ability to detect fraud by giving us the ability to compare all our programs and identify something that is inconsistent, and follow-up on that inconsistency,'' DPSS spokesman Shirley Christensen said.
Since the mRNAs in saliva are a reflection of the mRNAs in a person's blood, Wong says that a saliva test could also detect other types of cancer or different diseases occurring elsewhere in the body.
In the steel cord reinforced radial tire industry, spacing faults are the most common detects occurring in the production of steel cord reinforced ply.
One of them is to run two buggies in the hilly minefield with a 10-meter-long tether in between that tries to detect metal.
Using honeypots decreases the chance an attacker will choose a valuable machine as a target, and they will detect and record the initial scan as well as any subsequent attack.
For best monitoring results, detectors should be shielded to minimize the amount of radiation they detect from areas other than the primary detection area.
FDA has not been presented with data showing the effectiveness of other methods, such as ultrasound or computed axial tomography (CAT) scans, when used to detect rupture or leakage.
This new generation detector is referred to as a vapor/particle detector, because it has the capability to detect small particles of explosives.
This statement was the first professional standard to specifically address the auditor's responsibility to detect and disclose illegal acts.