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DETDepartment of Education and Training (Australia)
DETDivision of Employment and Training (various locations)
DETDirection de l'Exécution des Contrats de Travaux (French: Directorate for the Execution of Work Contracts)
DETDeterminant (mathematics)
DETDistributed Energy Technologies
DETDifferential Terminated
DETDetection Error Tradeoff
DETDynamic Execution Technology
DETDirectory Entry Table
DETDisability Equality Training (various locations)
DETDepartment of Employment and Training
DETDécentralisation et Économie des Territoires (French: Decentralization and the Economy of Territories)
DETData Entry Terminal
DETDistortion Energy Theory
DETDepartamento de Educación Teológica
DETData Element Type (function point analysis)
DETDirectory Entry Table (Novell NetWare)
DETDirect Energy Transfer
DETDepletion-Layer-Extended Transistor (circuits)
DETDiffusion Électro Thermique (French: Electro Thermal Diffusion)
DETDetached Duty (overtime forms)
DETDevice Execute Trigger
DETDetection Error Trade-Off
DETDivision of Enterprise Technology (Utah and Wisconsin)
DETDistributed Explosive Technology
DETDigital Emotional Technology (JVC)
DETDiplôme d'Etudes Théâtrales (French: Theatre Studies Diploma; various universities)
DETDisplaced Equipment Training
DETDouble End Trimmed (lumber)
DETData Event Table (PSIP, HDTV broadcasting)
DETDetermination of Equivalent Treatment
DETDomestic Emission Trading
DETDecomposition Event Tree
DETDynamic Environment and Terrain
DETDiversity Education Team
DETDirected Enforcement Team
DETDevelopment Error Tracer
DETDynamically Extensible Transfer
DETDesign Evaluation Test
DETDate Entered Training
DETDirectorate of Educational Technology (US Army)
DETDetailed Electrical Test
DETDetroit City Airport, Detroit, Michigan (Airport Code)
DETDirector of Event Technology
DETDisplaced Equipment Team
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And between 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm, Ajjyal El-Salam Association will detonate useless ammunition at the vicinity of El-Ghandoriyeh village in the south.
UK authorities said this week they had seized 200 cellphones as part of the investigation into the transatlantic airline bombing plot and have indicated the plotters could have used cellphones to detonate explosives inflight.
1 -- color) Traffic backs up for 40 minutes on Tuesday while a Sheriff's Department squad detonates a pipe bomb found beside the Antelope Valley Freeway.
Police forensic teams may be helped because the "homemade" explosive did not detonate, Mr Fry added.
officials have stated that they plan to detonate the munitions.
He then got the device along with a fake bomb and the fugitive gave him instructions on how to connect it to wires and remotely detonate it.
But that fact appeared to limit some of the damage that could have been wrought had the second bomber been able to detonate his explosives amid the crowd.
The defendants were proposing to detonate up to eight rucksack bombs in a suicide attack and/or to detonate bombs on timers in crowded areas in order to cause mass deaths and casualties.
And between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm, Danish Aid Association will detonate useless ammunition at the vicinity of Sawaneh village in the south.
The Company's references to non-explosive motors directly relate to the zero TNT equivalent rating of its hybrid rocket motors and that they do not detonate notwithstanding the fact that any pressure vessel may rupture but not "explode" like a solid or liquid rocket motor.
Acting Commander of the Operations Ali Ibrahim Dab'on said in a statement today that the security forces managed to detonate eight vehicle bombs driven by suicide bombers and the seizure of 40 Katyusha rockets in a military operation by the security forces in Al-Sagra area West of Haditha in Anbar.