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DETDepartment of Education and Training (Australia)
DETDeterminant (mathematics)
DETDepartment of Employment and Training
DETData Entry Terminal
DETData Element Type (function point analysis)
DETDirectory Entry Table (Novell NetWare)
DETDirect Energy Transfer
DETDetached Duty (overtime forms)
DETDevice Execute Trigger
DETDetection Error Trade-Off
DETDivision of Enterprise Technology (Utah and Wisconsin)
DETDistributed Explosive Technology
DETDigital Emotional Technology (JVC)
DETDiplôme d'Etudes Théâtrales (French: Theatre Studies Diploma; various universities)
DETDisplaced Equipment Training
DETDouble End Trimmed (lumber)
DETDetermination of Equivalent Treatment
DETData Event Table (PSIP, HDTV broadcasting)
DETDomestic Emission Trading
DETDynamic Environment and Terrain
DETDecomposition Event Tree
DETDiversity Education Team
DETDirected Enforcement Team
DETDevelopment Error Tracer
DETDynamically Extensible Transfer
DETDate Entered Training
DETDesign Evaluation Test
DETDetailed Electrical Test
DETDetroit City Airport, Detroit, Michigan (Airport Code)
DETDirectorate of Educational Technology (US Army)
DETDirector of Event Technology
DETDisplaced Equipment Team
DETDistortion Energy Theory
DETDiffusion Électro Thermique (French: Electro Thermal Diffusion)
DETDirection de l'Exécution des Contrats de Travaux (French: Directorate for the Execution of Work Contracts)
DETDécentralisation et Économie des Territoires (French: Decentralization and the Economy of Territories)
DETDistributed Energy Technologies
DETDepartamento de Educación Teológica
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And between 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm, Ajjyal El-Salam Association will detonate useless ammunition at the vicinity of El-Ghandoriyeh village in the south.
UK authorities said this week they had seized 200 cellphones as part of the investigation into the transatlantic airline bombing plot and have indicated the plotters could have used cellphones to detonate explosives inflight.
Fortunately however, the device did not fully detonate.
You know that thing can go off at any time, that it is more likely to detonate than other types of ammunition.
The terrorist whose job it is to detonate the bomb needs to press the button at the precise moment the car door is adjacent to the bomb.
Two of the defendants are in custody and they appeared in the High Criminal Court yesterday to plead not guilty to rioting, causing an explosion and using SIM cards to detonate bombs.
And between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm, Danish Aid Association will detonate useless ammunition at the vicinity of Sawaneh village in the south.
Sheriff's explosives experts were called, and the California Highway Patrol shut down freeway traffic in both directions, between Avenues M and N, about noon to let them try to detonate the object with smaller explosives.
Test objectives included demonstrating the GMLRS Unitary rocket's warhead Proximity Sensor, which gives the rocket the capability to detonate at a predetermined distance above ground for improved effectiveness against soft targets.
Navy and police bomb disposal experts were called to North Tyneside yesterday to detonate a sea mine trawled up by fishermen.
One danger: an explosion of the chemicals that are built into nuclear weapons in order to detonate, or set them off.
He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / today that "the organization put (D) letter on the five houses in the Tayeh, Abu Dehen and al-Esewid villages, north of Muqdadiyah northeast of Baquba, in preparation to detonate them.