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DETDepartment of Education and Training (Australia)
DETDivision of Employment and Training (various locations)
DETDirection de l'Exécution des Contrats de Travaux (French: Directorate for the Execution of Work Contracts)
DETDeterminant (mathematics)
DETDistributed Energy Technologies
DETDifferential Terminated
DETDetection Error Tradeoff
DETDynamic Execution Technology
DETDirectory Entry Table
DETDisability Equality Training (various locations)
DETDepartment of Employment and Training
DETDécentralisation et Économie des Territoires (French: Decentralization and the Economy of Territories)
DETData Entry Terminal
DETDistortion Energy Theory
DETDepartamento de Educación Teológica
DETData Element Type (function point analysis)
DETDirectory Entry Table (Novell NetWare)
DETDirect Energy Transfer
DETDepletion-Layer-Extended Transistor (circuits)
DETDiffusion Électro Thermique (French: Electro Thermal Diffusion)
DETDetached Duty (overtime forms)
DETDevice Execute Trigger
DETDetection Error Trade-Off
DETDivision of Enterprise Technology (Utah and Wisconsin)
DETDistributed Explosive Technology
DETDigital Emotional Technology (JVC)
DETDiplôme d'Etudes Théâtrales (French: Theatre Studies Diploma; various universities)
DETDisplaced Equipment Training
DETDouble End Trimmed (lumber)
DETData Event Table (PSIP, HDTV broadcasting)
DETDetermination of Equivalent Treatment
DETDomestic Emission Trading
DETDecomposition Event Tree
DETDynamic Environment and Terrain
DETDiversity Education Team
DETDirected Enforcement Team
DETDevelopment Error Tracer
DETDynamically Extensible Transfer
DETDesign Evaluation Test
DETDate Entered Training
DETDirectorate of Educational Technology (US Army)
DETDetailed Electrical Test
DETDetroit City Airport, Detroit, Michigan (Airport Code)
DETDirector of Event Technology
DETDisplaced Equipment Team
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Further, because of the tremendous accuracy of the detonator in the shots, the vibration levels have been far far lower than the clients ever imagined.
A sectional view of a typical nonelectric detonator is illustrated in Figure 1.
Even when using the exact same timing sequence across both systems, electronics deliver an advantage as the detonator is accurate to the timing it communicates (+/- 1 millisecond).
The court was told the detonator, which was capable of exploding and firing out shrapnel, had to be removed by Army bomb disposal experts.
The detonators are put down as a safety measure to alert drivers that work is taking place on the line.
DigiShot Plus allows for up to 7,200 detonators to be fired in one to four blast locations with a blast life lasting up to 20 seconds.
The detonators are used to protect workers on the tracks from passing trains.
In this latest scare it's been claimed that the prison's Special Search Team found more than 20 traces of explosives and a detonator.
With safety always Dyno Nobel's top priority, the DigiShot Plus Tagger (used on the bench for testing and assigning row and hole number to individual detonators) is inherently safe in normal operating conditions and does not produce sufficient voltage to fire the detonator.
Furthermore, each detonator counts down independently --irrespective of whether the cable attached to it is cut.
It is not capable to explode without a detonator and it was lacking one.
The Daunia open-cut coal mine in the northeastern state of Queensland, Australia, has broken the world record for the largest electronic detonator blast ever--firing 5,665 detonators in 2,683 blastholes using the AXXIS digital detonation system from BME.